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Can You Handle Multiple PRINCE2 Projects at One Time?

Running a project is difficult at the best of times but things get even worse when you need to take care of multiple projects at one time. If you get given more than one piece of work to deal with then how will you do this?

It is clear that there are some common pitfalls to be avoided when this happens. What are the steps that you need to take in order to make this as easy as possible to deal with, though?  Can you avoid it becoming a big problem?

Plan Even More Carefully

It is clear that every project needs to be planned carefully right at the very start. It is only by doing this that you can be sure that you have worked out the right approach and that it is feasible. On a PRINCE2 course you will ask yourself, do the dates stack up and are the timescales reasonable?

What if you have more than one project on the go? In this case, you need to be even more aware of the importance of creating a solid plan. This will let you see more clearly how the different pieces of work all fit together.

As each project progresses, you will want to keep a close eye on the dates. Anything that could impact upon another project needs to be flagged up and analysed as soon as possible.

Give Responsibility to Team Members

Could the other members of your project team help you out in this sort of situation? If you have more work than you can handle then it is worth considering whether your most experienced team members can take on more responsibility.

Perhaps the simplest way of doing this is by splitting out the work into sub-projects. If each sub-project gets handed to a different person then this will help you to share the load while also helping your team members to gain valuable new skills.

Of course, you will want to keep a close eye on how these different pieces of work progress. You still need to understand what is going on, but you should be able to reduce your daily work load in this way.

Get Training Sorted Out

The arrival of a new project will often mean that you need to arrange some training sessions, depending upon the exact requirements of the piece of work. When you have multiple projects to deal with, it is no surprise to see that this can lead to more training needs.

From your own point of view as a project leader, the good news is that the PRINCE2 qualification you take will give you the knowledge needed to run any type of project. After this, you need to think about the technical skills or other abilities that you need to gain due to the unique challenges of each project.

Then there is the question of how you will get your team members fully trained on what is needed. Will you split them up in groups with specific skills, or will you want everyone to gain the knowledge needed to deal with anything from any of the different pieces of work.

Stay Positive

There is no denying that running more than one project makes life that bit more difficult for you. However, it can also make your job in project management more varied and satisfying too.

If you stay positive you can look at all of the benefits that you will gain from this way of working, as taught on a PRINCE2 course. For instance, it can help you to learn a number of skills quickly and then put them into action right away.