Can We Use Glue Gun on Plastic? Using Hot Glue Gun on Plastic

Plastics may offer many advantages, but they are surely one of the hardest materials to bond. But, can we use glue gun on plastic ? The plastic glue guns that operate at a very high temperature can bond many different plastics, but not with the usual/general purpose glue or adhesive. So, the answer is no ! The special glues that are specifically designed and manufactured for bonding plastics are available online easily. There are also specialty stores and leading suppliers that can provide to a variety of glues, including the hot glue, for plastic adhesion. Glue gun price in India is also quite affordable on the genuine stores.

Can we use glue gun on plastic and how to use

The hot melt glue for bonding plastics contains polyolefin in most cases, but there are also other varieties available. These glues can bond HDPE, PET, PVC, and polyethylene, among other kinds of plastics. The glues are often used for the display units and the PE boxes. The size of the glue stick may be somewhere around 1/2’’ or 11 to 12mm and these possess a cloudy white colour. Apart from bonding the plastics, this blue can also bond certain porous materials.

Can we use glue gun on plastic

The composition and uses of the plastic materials

Plastics can be termed as a kind of synthetic resin that is manufactured using many different kinds of organic substances and polymers. Plastic can be given any desired shape when it is soft.

Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC

The composition of PVC includes 57% of fluorine and 43% of carbon. Fire resistance, self-extinguishing, and strength are some of the qualities of this plastic. It may be used for insulating electrical wire, garden hoses, vinyl flooring, wrapping film, and other purposes.

Polyethylene PE

This is another thermoplastic substance that is used in plastic bags and other packaging material, water pipes, bottle caps, plastic lumber, and other materials.

Polyethylene Terephthalate PET

Used in fleece, oven coils, bottled water, and other materials the thermo-plastic resist material deterioration caused by carbon dioxide and oxygen.

When the specified hot glue is used for fixing and joining/bonding plastics, it is important to give a set time of around 1 minute. The plastics are bonded firmly and you may not be able to twist them or pull them apart after the fixing and adhesion are complete. Use of extreme force may break down the components and bonded materials. The features of plastic hot melt glue include:

  • good clarity
  • A medium to short open time
  • Very strong bonds to the plastics including PVC, PE, PVC, and PP
  • Fixation of other kinds of porous materials

The hot melt adhesive can be easily used in a hot melt plastic glue gun, which provides for long-term professional use without any fatigue, because of its economic design and convenient grip. Apart from plastics, the glue can also be used for bonding other kinds of materials. Especially useful for packaging, closing boxes, and other kinds of applications, hot melt glue for plastic bonding has tremendous application in wide range of industries and business processes.

The new plastic glue melts are effective towards bonding a range of plastic. The bond formed cannot be broken by force applied through the hand. Leading suppliers offer to you food quality plastic bonding glue at very affordable rates online itself.