Buy Sparring Gloves for Safe Boxing and MMA Training
Buy Sparring Gloves for Safe Boxing

Why Buy Sparring Gloves?

Sparring is a significant part of boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA training. Sparring gives you the feel of real competition. It is the ideal defensive practice. At the same time, it lets you practice offensive techniques with a real-life opponent who counters all your moves. Star pro sparring gloves will keep your hands safe from cuts, bruising and injuries. Good quality sparring gloves offer additional wrist and forearm support. This will help avoid multiple wrist and shoulder injuries including sprains and dislocation.

What to Look for in Sparring Gloves?

Sparring Gloves are to protect you as well as your partner. That is why; these gloves are usually heavier than training and competition/lace-up gloves. When you buy sparring gloves, always look for the following attributes to make sure your gloves serve their purpose.

1. Padding

Sparring gloves must have heavy padding in the hitting area. Multilayer, shock absorbent, foam, and gel padding ideally keeps your hand as well as your opponent safe from cuts and bruises. Starpro offers a variety of single as well as double piece IMF padding for the best protection.

2.  Size/Weight

Sparring gloves have heavy padding. This means these gloves are heavier in weight too. Use heavier weight sizes like 16-oz, 18-oz and 20-oz for sparring, depending on your own size

3.  Material

Sparring gloves take a lot of abuse. That is why you must opt for the best quality durable, tear-resistant materials. Opt for genuine leather or premium quality PU-5G imitation leather for long-lasting performance. Starpro offers a variety of sparring gloves in genuine as well as PU-5G imitation leather. The intricate stitching keeps the gloves from losing their shape with use.

4. Closure

Velcro closure with wrist padding is the ideal closure technology for sparring gloves. Additional wrist padding helps avoid sprains and wrist dislocation. Gloves with Velcro closure are easy to put on and take off.

Additional Tips for Safe Sparring

Apart from the right sparring gloves, use the right equipment and protective gear for sparring. This will not only protect you from injuries but also make for a comfortable experience. Using the right gear will also improve your performance.

1. Use Hand Wraps

Be it training, sparring or competition; always wear hand wraps or inner gloves with your boxing gloves. Wear them correctly to keep the delicate metacarpal bones in your hand safe. Hand wraps also make for a snug-fitting of the boxing gloves. This results in better overall performance. Another benefit of Inner gloves is that they are moisture absorbent. Therefore, they make for a comfortable experience and long life expectancy of your gloves.

2.  Always Wear a Head Guard

Wearing the head guard is necessary for sparring. The Head guard will protect your opponent from the impact of your hard punches. At the same time, you will be hitting the head guard with soft padding instead of your opponent’s hard skull. This will protect your hands from bruising and bleeding.

3.  Use Grease. Especially on Your Face

Use Greece on your face. It will let the punches slide off your face easily. The grease will also keep your face safe from cuts on impact. Moisturizing your face will also help avoid bruises, this is because dry skin is more prone to cuts and bleeding.

4. Wear the Right Shoes

Boxing shoes are lightweight, offer better traction as well as sweat absorption. The lighter weight will allow quick movements. At the same time, quick sweat absorption will make for a comfortable experience.

5.  Eat Well and Stay Well Hydrated

The best way to avoid injuries is to have a healthy body. Eat the right foods and stay well hydrated. It all starts from inside out. A stronger body is the best way to avoid injuries, bruises as well as bleeding.

6. Remember to Warm

No matter how strong you are or what gear and protection you use, sudden movements always have the risk of injuries. Remember to properly warm-up and stretch your body before as well as after a training or sparring session.

Combat sports are brutal. Therefore, injuries can happen. Precaution is always the best option. Taking good care of your body is the best protection. Use the right gear, warm-up and do regular exercise to have a safe sparring experience.