“Confidence game in Bundeswehr”, “Bundeswehr crisis”, “parallel society in Bundeswehr”, “the right extremism phenomenon in Bundeswehr” – those are only some of the epithets employed by mass media to describe the present “dust-up” in the Bundeswehr. What’s in reality? Do the armed forces of Germany really face the far-right extremism challenge?

According to Lieutenant General Jörg Vollmer, there is no such a problem in the Bundeswehr ranks now and what is presently occurring in the army under the guidance of Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen amounts to hysteria and witch-hunting. In his
open letter to Chancellor Merkel, Vollmer calls her to immediately “stop purges in the army and abusing the honor of the German officers”.

No reaction to this letter has followed so far and Germany’s MAD counter-intelligence service keeps initiating new cases against Bundeswehr soldiers.

One sole incident has made all of them suspect despite the fact they have absolutely nothing to do with the story of that lieutenant Franco A. Furthermore, mass media outlets and the Internet multiplied the statements of some major, a staffer of the German Bundeswehr Geoinformation Centre in Euskirchen. He declared in particular, “I’m pretty fed up with the fact that 200 thousand soldiers are now suspects due to those two crazy persons. I believe, the minister has no weight and this is what should be put absolutely plain in wide public, or it may be a just mutiny”. These words were interpreted as an open call for an armed military upheaval in Germany.

Mass media outlets supervised by the government have distorted the real state of things intently adding fuel to the scandal around the alleged Bundeswehr neo-Nazi plot against the top politicians. This vision of the situation is rebuffed by a number of influential politicians and Bundeswehr officers, such as Hans-Peter Bartels, retired colonel Georg Pazderski, head of the Union of Armed Forces André Wüstner. The internal report prepared by Canada’s Ambassador to Germany Stéphane Dion previously posted by Wikileaks also testifies to this. This is a quotation from the document.

“Mrs. Merkel’s chancellery has found it necessary to undertake additional measures to strengthen her position.

Thus the topic of the Bundeswehr neo-Nazi terror plot aimed to assassinate senior government figures including the current minister of justice and to trigger aggression against refugees has been extensively promoted. There are also live broadcasts of huge protests of neo-Nazis aimed to intimidate the people.

Considering the events that followed, I conclude that the scandal in the German armed forces was intentionally staged. With one well-designed move, Mrs. Chancellor forced her main rivals to declare the divided neo-Nazi organizations, which hadn’t managed to unite into any potent political force, the main menace in Germany, and dismiss allegations of her misguided pro-migrant policy. This way she secured the victory of her party in the coming elections”.

Thus, it’s getting abundantly evident that the so-called “neo-Nazi plot” in the Bundeswehr is just a part of Merkel’s rhetoric in her effort to seek her fourth term as German chancellor. Her ratings are going down while the Alternative for Germany party is gaining more and more supporters. The chancellor just had to do something to pull over more votes of the German electors. And so there you are with those right extremism accusations of the Bundeswehr. Merkel has actually ensured the victory of her party at the upcoming elections. No holds barred both at war and during the elections. Angela Merkel appears to be guided right by this motto now.

It’s quite probable “Mutti” will sort it out with “the Left” as well, for according to the latest surveys, they are keeping pace with the CDU/CSU.

Update. Although Myheimat promptly deleted the letter of General Vollmer, its screenshot is available.