The fashion industry is not just about the style quotient. It has taken a big leap with new technological expansions, opening up various doors for the designers to innovate. The budding designers are taught new software’s to aid their ideas, use eco-friendly fabrics and incorporating milk and even pineapple.

Fashion is more than what the big brands make it. If we combine the immense amounts of creativity and technology available today, sky is the limit. The JD Institute of Fashion Technology (JDIFT)’s fashion awards themed ‘Change’ is a great example of that. Students were encouraged to think about the future, not only in terms of sustainability but in terms of inclusiveness as well. Right from the making of the fabric, to the selling of the garment, the designers are now looking to do things and bring about change.

“The theme was on how sustainability works. It is an attempt to make more responsible designers and think about more than just the fabric and the stitch,” Akshara Dala, director academics, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, says.

From a corporate line for the visually challenged that has QR code tags to read the description out loud to special athleisure wear in support of the LGBT community and a new collection for people with Down Syndrome, the students took up various issues into consideration that they see around and come up with a solution with their clothing line.

The collection ensures that it is comfortable with special care taken while choosing a fabric. The theme was also a great way to educate people and help them open up to ideas that they are otherwise unaware of.

Rudrani Chettri, India’s first a transgender who founded India’s first LGBT modelling agency, says: “People are a little intimidated but they know fashion is all about experimenting. The idea of a transgender is rather ugly to the people but with the help of fashion, this misconception can change. Fashion is now in the hands of the youth and they’re taking this opportunity to do more for the community than just setting trends. Fashion is about what you want to be and with the right kind of grooming and education, this is now a very realistic possibility.

Bring Change with Fashion – Fashion is about what you want to be and with the right kind of grooming and education, this is now a very realistic possibility For more information visit: