Before you head out buying a refurbished laptop, you need to ask yourself a question that is it really a refurbished laptop or a used laptop for sale. There is a fine line difference between the two though it has been found that the vendors use the both interchangeably which is wrong. Laptop and mobile phone testing takes place for both the second hand and the refurbished ones but that does not end the difference, here we will highlight the brief understanding of Refurbished Laptops.

Sources of Refurbished Laptops

Refurbished laptops are there in the market and have been there for quite a long time by now. You might even have heard the vendors use this term time and again but not many of us are actually aware about what it actually means. There are a plenty of places or say the sources of these refurbished laptops. The most popular ones are the businesses that are the trades in their old laptops, and other source is the consumers returning systems for two major reasons, they either no longer wants them or else they might have found a serious defect in the same. The latter ones form a significant percentage of refurb.

Differentiation Between Used and Refurbished

What so ever be the route to the laptop arena, the manufacturers or say the third-party authorized refurbishes ideally sanitize and sort the devices. After this they grade the units on the basis of their physical look as well as functionality. The manufacturers disassemble each one of these and check for the presence of any damaged component, be it the battery function, the quality of screen, power supply, the loose connections, the hard drive or the optical drive. In case the manufacturer is not following this process, then it implies that the laptop is not actually refurbished but it is actually used.

Credentials of a refurbished laptop

If it is the refurbished laptop, then the missing or say the defective components, like the RAM, the graphic cards, the capacitors, ICs or the hard disks are replaced, after which the machines undergo a complete data wipe. After all this, the laptop is tested, and if there are any of the cosmetic defects then these are repaired, and a new OS is installed. Now these are packaged and offered for sale in the market. One tip here is that you must not buy a refurbished without the OS installed. It is only after the refurbisher inspects, cleans, repairs as well as restores a used or the returned laptop to the factory settings, that the unit is certified to be in good and returned to the retailer or the manufacturer for sale at a discounted price.

All in all, this is the brief understanding of Refurbished Laptops. Only if you have this basic know how, will you be able to buy exactly what you want to be it a used one or a refurbished one.

Author is a person who has always taken interest in benefits of used laptop for sale and how these are different from their counterparts. It is actually the things and techniques like the mobile phone testing that has actually made sale and purchase of used devices easy as well as feasible in the market where inventions are taking place on daily basis.