Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common forms this malignant disease takes. In 2018, alone there were 2 million breast cancer cases registered on a global front. This makes breast cancer not just the most widespread cancer among women but also a modern plague hounding the world. However, things don’t stop here as this cancer expands and reaches out to other organs in our body, and thereby affecting the core mainframe of the body. About 70 % of the breast cancer cases were reported to spread onto the bone.

Cancer reaching out to the Bone

The presence of bone cancer is marked by some unexplained pains in the body. These can begin anywhere in the back, Pelvis, hip area, Ribs, Shoulder blades, upper arms and legs and more. These are some of the common symptoms that one could encounter, however, these pains can also occur due to some other medical reasons. One of the most common sightings of bone cancer is a condition called lytic lesion which is a weak area in the bone. On identifying such symptoms, you must consult a good oncologist doctor immediately. Cancer takes its toll on the bone which results in the affected bone losing calcium and minerals. Generally, this continues for a month for two for finally the bone to break. It can be due to anything, a shoulder bump in the street or during any exercise. This condition is detectable through an x-ray.

Breast Cancer Treatment

Generally, a metastatic breast cancer falls under stage 4 cancer, which isn’t treatable. However, through advanced treatment methods, the severity of cancer could be suppressed by treating the symptoms. A patient can still live a long and happy life. It is important to do not ignore the symptoms and take immediate treatment to identify the reason behind it.

Now the primary breast cancer treatment in India involves not just one but a couple of treatment methods to complement speedy results. There are a few methods like Chemotherapy and radiation therapy that are used to kill the cancerous cells or any other abnormal growth in the human body. While radiation therapy is directed onto the affected area, Chemotherapy, on the other hand, use high-intensity medicines infused into one’s bloodstream which kills off any rapidly growing cells in the body.

 Let’s have a look on the Survival Rate

The 5-year survival rate is rated for breast cancer is quite good, 90% per cent for 5 year and 10-year survival is rated at 83%. Hence, through treatment, you can expect a fair chance of survival. However, relapse cases are also there. Its suggested visiting your breast cancer specialist at least once a year prior to your successful treatment.

No matter how effective these treatments are, your treatment will always end with a major or minor surgery to remove the entire or some part of the tumour. The former two are used to squeeze the tumour to a more treatable level so that not much tissue is removed. Chemo and radiation are also a post-surgical treatment to ensure that there are no traces of any cancer cells left.

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