Top 10 Must Have Boating Essentials On Your Boat

Boating Essentials

If you own a boat, then you must know that there are various activities waiting for you to be experienced. You can either go fishing, skiing, wake surfing, diving, or just sailing overnight. But, when it comes to boating, no two adventures are the same. You might have enjoyed your previous trip to the fullest, but the next trip may turn into a total disaster.

And that means having the best boating supplies is a must. Your boat must contain all the safety gear all the time, regardless of what your plans are. This is because having safety gear will help you to minimize the chances of damage caused by mechanical failures or even nature’s fury.

So, let us take a look at a few boating essentials that you must stow aboard.

1 Life Jackets And Wearable Pfds:

Whenever you are ready to leave the shore, see to it that the boat contains life jackets for every person on board. If a skier is surfing behind your boat, the boat should also have proper personal flotation devices (PFDs).

If there is a kid under the age of 12 on-board, then he/she must wear the life jacket whenever the vessel is moving.

2 Throwable Floatation Device:

Your boat should also have at least one throwable floatation device so that it can be thrown towards an individual in water during trouble. If you more than one, then it is excellent too. But, having at least one will help you to pull a person near the boat and then on deck during serious troubles.

3 Fire Extinguisher:

You can come across many fire extinguishers for boats based on ratings and different types. The simple way to remember what you need is based on the size of the boat. For instance, a 26 feet boat needs at least one B-1 type of fire extinguisher. Similarly, a boat more than 26 feet to under 40 feet must house two B-1 types or one B-2 type fire extinguisher.

You can even let the members on-board know about the extinguisher and how to use it during times of trouble.

4 Sound Signaling Device:

Sound signaling devices are useful and can come in handy both during day and night. But these devices are extremely useful during fog. You can even use fixed/portable horns or whistles as a sound device. But if the vessel is over 39 feet, it is recommended that it house at least a bell to make sounds after regular intervals during lesser visibility.

5 Visual Signaling Device:

Visual signaling devices come in a variety based on the size of the vessel and where you wish to go (state-wise). Sixteen feet or under boat must-have nighttime signals or flares. A boat that is bigger than 16 feet must always have visuals signals that can be used in the day and night.

6 First Aid Kit:

Boat mishaps can happen anytime. It is vital that whenever you leave for boating, make sure that there is a proper first aid kit on board. If possible, inspect the kit now and then to check the expiration dates. This way, you can even keep on adding new medicines in the box when they run out. Don’t forget to keep these all things in an airtight container.

7 Extra Food And Water:

You may think that the amount of food and water you carry during a boat trip is enough. There have been times when people were stranded and could not eat properly due to lower food supply. So be smart and add a liberal amount of both food and water in the food box for emergency times.

8 Extra Ropes:

Ropes have a lot of use on-board. You can use it to tow another boat or even use it during technical issues. So, having a few extra will not harm anyone.

9 Basic Tool Kit:

Mechanical issues are common. Having a basic tool kit containing a pair of pliers, wrench, and even a screwdriver will come in handy various times. So, make sure that you have a tool kit to repair little wear and tears on the go.

10 Dock Lines and Fenders:

You will require docking your boat. Also, having a little protection will help you with a financial problem later. So, having dock lines and fenders is a must.

Bottom Line

This idiom is right when it comes to boating. One can never tell what goes wrong when sailing above the infinite gallons of water. It is better to have all the important boating supplies on-board instead of suffering from damaging fate.

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