Black Fungus

The growing covid cases in India have almost crossed 2.4 crores. Every day there are more than 3000 plus active cases and more than 4,000 people have died because of this infection which is a global cause of concern. 

Recently, one of the most deadly diseases which is growing is a black fungus. It affects people with medical health conditions and it can reduce the ability to fight with the environment. It is advised on the early detection and the management of Mucormycosis. It is a rare but very serious condition that has been reported in the number of Covid patients in Mumbai. If we talk about awareness and early diagnosis, we can actually stop the fungal infection. First of all, it is important to understand what Mucormycosis is. It is a fungal infection that is affecting people with medical health problems. It also decreases their ability to fight different environmental pathogens.

People who have comorbidities, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, or a prolonged ICU stay are very prone to this fungal infection. Especially talking about the Corona patients. We are all aware of how Covid-19 has affected all nations. Not only that, the deaths are the major result of this virus. Different measures and precautions are taken by people to keep themselves protected from this thing. But now in the study, this deadly virus has also introduced itself. A black fungus is generally affecting those people who are already suffering from Covid-19 or are just recovered from this virus.

Various symptoms are associated with Black Fungus. It includes pain or reduces redness in the eyes, fever, headache, coughing, shortness of breath, or even bloody vomit and altered mental status. If you are facing these problems then there is a possible reason that you have this infection. But it should also be kept in mind that we should not consider all the cases of the blocked nose as one of the bacterial things especially if you have immunosuppression.

Mucormycosis is a subject to worry about. Because with the growing number of covid cases, there are possibilities of the growth of Black Fungus as well. Their number would increase for sure. If we talk about the 111 patients that are covid-19 positive, almost half of them have mucormycosis. The 44-year-old man in Mumbai lost his eyesight because of this disease. 

The state has now decided to create a separate database of phases of mucormycosis. This will be done to record its movement and to determine the ways by which it can be controlled. For us, it is very important to understand that now we are prone to two different diseases which are as deadly as one can imagine. And the opening of doors of one disease can be the root cause of another one. This is the time to take precautions which we can do for ourselves and our family. With the growing cases and deaths, it is very important to understand that keeping a healthy lifestyle and following guidelines can save our lives .

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