In a majority of organizations, deploying several types of IT related services has become near mandatory. For various types of operations including marketing, product promotions, customer relationship management, using IT services is commonplace in almost all companies. For managing different types of IT related services, organizations resort to the best practice framework called ITIL. Demand for ITIL certified professionals are always high. Obtaining certification in ITIL can be absolutely advantageous for aspirants seeking a bright career in ITSM. Such a certification can definitely enhance your career prospects in the highly competitive IT sector.

Nuances of ITIL training you should know

Thousands of aspirants interested in pursuing career in ITSM sit for ITIL certification exams, all over the world. However, passing the various levels of ITIL certification exams, including the Foundation- is not cakewalk! Without obtaining training for the certification exams, your chances of succeeding are slim. However, you may find selecting the right institute for availing ITIL certification exam training to be tedious. A number of agencies offer training for certifications exams for TIL- for all levels. The training for ITIL exam may be pursued through regular classroom or online modes.

Tips to make the most out of ITIL certification exam training

Undergoing training for various levels of ITIL exam is not as simple as you may think.  No matter if you have chosen a conventional classroom based training module or an online ITIL exam training course, you should learn the ways to make the most out of the training module. You may utilize the below listed tips to get benefitted.

  • Do not just go though the module silently

When you attend the ITIL exam training classes, do not sit through silently! Whether it is a regular classroom or a virtual one- feel free to ask questions. No matter which level of ITIL certification exam you are sitting for Foundation or intermediate- you will learn a lot of new theories and concepts. In fact, you will have to learn lot of keywords and comprehend the best ways to find their context in certain situations in ITSM. So, whenever you are not sure about these- ask questions and ensure you grasp the exact and full meaning. It may be of help if you take notes while attending the class or sessions in the training module. This will ensure your grasp on the core concepts of ITIL is strong and that will help you in exam as well as later.

  • Analyze from pure ITIL perspective

A lot of candidates sitting for the ITIL certification exams, make the mistake of analyzing situation and questions from personal perspective. This is actually a common human trait but following it may not be suitable for the ITIL certification perspective. Some others think from their professional and organizational experiences too. You have to realize the fact that how your company functions or what you may have seen in personal life is not relevant from the ITIL framework perspective. To make it simpler for you, think you are in an organization which adheres to the ITIL environment and framework at every step. This will ensure you can obtain the best from the training.

  • Learn time based analysis and revision techniques

A lot of candidates sitting for various levels of ITIL certification falter in time utilization department- as it is. It is not just important to sharpen your analytical skills for succeeding in the ITIL exams- utilizing time for such analysis is also of utmost importance. Based on which level of ITIL certification you are aiming at- the exam time may vary from 60 -120 minutes. Effective time management for problem solving and analysis for ITIL should begin at the training time. In some training course, you will have to undergo mock test sessions which will be helpful in this regard.

It is also important that you learn nuances of revision techniques at the training time. To solve the questions at the ITIL exam, you will need to revise the questions more than once. Even when you go through various cases or sample analysis instances in the curriculum- revision is necessary. You have to become a pro at revising and analyzing things within a time frame. You may make use of a timer or clock to ensure your skill sharpening is done properly- right at the training stage.

  • Take occasional breaks for relaxation and stress handling

There is no denying every level of ITIL certification is highly competitive from exam perspective and stress is going to be there. You will have to practice hard while undergoing the training and after completing the module in a consistent manner- beyond any question. However, the training and practice may make you mentally taxed, as it is natural. So, ensure you take occasional breaks from the schedule while undergoing the exam training course. Whether you are pursue a virtual or regular class based ITIL certification training- find the means to relax. It can be once in a week or a little more, based on your schedule.

  • Make use of the additional resources too

Undregoing a training module for ITIL certification exam is going to help you. However, you can always walk an extra mile and gather more resources that can be of use. Apart from the study materials- printed or web based, given by the training academy- you should search the web for additional ITIL training resources. You will find such resources and part of it can be accessed for free. However, ensure you are gathering resources or training materials that are relevant for the level and version of ITIL exam you are preparing for. There are plenty of training books you can buy for ITIL certification exams as well. E books are also available for purchase. In some sites, you can sit for ITIL mock test sessions.

  • Learn and use the exam techniques

To succeed in ITIL certification exams, you have to make use of certain techniques. It is best that you master such techniques when you are undergoing training for the certification. Apply these techniques when you sit for the mock exam sessions.

The ITIL certification exam has no negative marking system and that is actually a boon. You will not get negative marking for any wrong answer. So, when you are uncertain about the answer to a question- at least you should attempt it, based on your analysis and guess.

Develop a habit of adhering to time when reading and attempting the questions. Do not make the mistake of spending a lot of time on difficult questions only to hurry through the remaining ones. Do not waste time on a single question when such situations arise. You may just leave it blank it and proceed with the next ones. Later, you can get back to it for revision and re-attempt.

Quite often, ITIL certification exams have tricky questions. You may miss out the real meaning if you read in hurried manner. So, ensure you read every question well – not leaving out a single word. This will ensure you grasp the actual meaning and choose the right answer.  Again, you should develop the habit of reading the questions while undergoing training and attempting the mock test sessions.

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