Best Strategy To Lose Weight Easily

Why should you try to lose weight easily rather than quickly? Instead of asking how to lose weight quickly just slow down the process a bit since if the diet process is gentle and does not require effort, it will be much easier to hold and will give better results in the long run.

On top of that, too fast weight loss is rarely a good sign, as it means that fat loss is accompanied by a significant loss of muscle and losing too much muscle is not at all beneficial for 2 reasons:

  • Muscles sculpt your shape and make you look athletic and attractive.
  • A loss of muscle will cause a slowing of the metabolism, which will later result in faster weight gain: what is called yo-yo effect.

It is essential to lose weight in a way that is easy and maintainable than lose many kilos in a month. Here we provide tips so that you lose weight easily and keep it off.

Count calories.

Counting calories should surely seem tedious at first glance but it is the best way to lose weight. In reality, it is straightforward, and it allows you to be sure to have consistent daily contributions from major food groups. As you become used to the secrets of calorie counting, you will also develop your knowledge and power without even paying attention to calculate in advance what you will have to take while doing your shopping or planning your meals. Start by estimating your daily calorie expenditure and then apply a 20% to 25% deficit. If you follow this caloric deficit daily, you will see that you will start losing weight fast and that without having to deprive you necessarily.

Consume fiber.

Dietary fiber is present in almost all foods in greater or lesser proportions. Consuming fiber will slow down digestion and intestinal transit. If you consume meals containing more fiber, your meals will stay in the stomach longer, and you will be less hungry according to a dietitian in India. Try to focus on dishes with more fiber such as wholegrain cereals, green vegetables, fruits, oats. If you add more fiber to your meals, you will be able to take longer between meals without feeling hungry.

Eat more slowly.

If you eat too fast, the digestive process is altered. This can be explained very easily: twenty minutes pass between the beginning of the meal and the saturation when one perceives the feeling of satiety. The more slowly we eat, the fewer calories are consumed during that time. Try to eat as little as possible between the first bite and the next twenty minutes.

Have a drink of water when you are hungry.

For small food cravings, it is strongly recommended to drink a large glass of water. This effectively reduces the feeling of hunger. In addition, drinking an average of a liter and a half of water per day significantly speeds up your metabolism. Calories are therefore burned faster by the body.

Consume colorful and aromatic food.

By making a delicious looking plate, we find the pleasure of thoroughly enjoying the taste and smell of food. For that, nothing can be more simple: it is enough for example to select fruits and colored vegetables, scented spices, varied textures and different modes of cooking.

Avoid the odors which stimulate the appetite.

Some smells more than others, tend to make us salivate. According to taste, food odors can indeed awaken a craving that we would not usually feel. Also, to avoid any temptation, it is essential to prefer sweet and natural flavors: stewed vegetables or fruit salad, for example.

Do not miss any meals.

If you want to lose weight and lose weight quickly, the temptation to skip a meal is considerable. And yet it is a terrible strategy. By not obtaining the energy resources necessary for its proper functioning, the body stores more fat to avoid possible deficiencies. Also, if you deliberately provoke this feeling of hunger, you run the risk of eating more at the next meal.

Prohibit fatty and sugary foods from the menu.

In spite of balanced and varied meals, cravings can occur during the day. To avoid the risk of eating too many fat and carbohydrate snacks, it is important to concentrate on a few types of foods. Ideally, a handful of dried fruits (almonds, for example), fresh fruit, homemade salad or plain yogurt will satisfy your appetite without you gaining weight.

Reduce the size of your plate.

It is extremely useful to reduce appetite by reducing the size of the plate. Reduce the amount of food and therefore the consumption of calories. The meals are far less rich, and the feeling of fullness is also perceived faster.

Focus on a conversation during meals.

When eating, it is important not to pay attention to your plate. By pausing between the bites, conversing with the guests and occasionally placing the fork on the table, we eat more slowly. Hunger calms down faster.

Do not neglect sleep and rest.

If you pay attention to your sleep, you can reduce your weight. In fact, chronic fatigue has many effects on weight gain. On the one hand, the feeling of hunger increases. The foods consumed are therefore usually containing calories. On the other hand, it brings a sedentary lifestyle.

Drastically reduce your wine consumption.

Alcohol is usually very caloric. Therefore, there is a risk of significant weight gain. Besides, it tends to cause a feeling of hunger and facilitates the storage of harmful fats in the body.

So beware of fad diets that promise to lose a lot of pounds in a short time. Either they are lies, or it is counterproductive in the long run since it damages your muscle mass. It is entirely possible to lose weight quickly and also be well. Just follow some basic rules and stick to them for long enough and you get excellent results.

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