Best Roofing Materials for Summer Seasons

Roof is one part of your house that is not only for decorative purpose because they keep on protecting the building from weather conditions and the animals. It is the material and the colors of the roof that provide a comfortable environment to the people living in it because of its structure. There are some of the materials that provide the same kind of services in winter season, but as the summer season is on then most of the people are looking for materials that can keep them under cooling without increasing their air conditioning bills. Following is the list of materials that you can use in warm season because they are ideal for such climate.

Summer Roof
Light-Colored Slate Tile:

The states such as Europe and America are the places where slate tiles have gained a lot of popularity because of their classy image and durable nature. It is also a low-maintenance material that gives service more than one’s expectations. It is high in aesthetic value and spread with historic significance. The material has also received excellence in cooling the homes in an appropriate way. The color of the slate tiles is light and they perform a stellar job for reflecting warm temperature from the house. However, there are drawbacks as well because the slates are heavy in weight and they are also high in cost. House owners also face some problems in installing the slate, but as the material is cool and long-lasting, it is one of the options that you can opt for your house.

Overlays on Roof:

There are many manufacturers who are using overlays for their roof with special materials for spraying the house and reflecting heat. These materials provide good properties and are high in quality. These materials include foam sprays and recycled waste cooking oil which is also environment friendly material. Other materials include elastomeric sealants and ceramic-based paints. You can protect your roof by covering your roof with these materials that are not high in cost as the cost of installing a new roof.

Radiant Barriers on the Roof:

There are other options other than additional layer that you can put on the top of your roof. You can install an effective cooling barrier in between your roof and crawl space. These radiant barriers are made of aluminum and they perform as buffers for preventing heat from going inside of your house. It is not very cost effective approach but when it comes about enjoying a cool environment then it is suitable for your house.

Terra Cotta and Clay:

You may have heard about the terra cot and other material such as clay that are used for warmer climates in American Southwest. These materials are ideal and suitable for withstanding the wear and tear of the sun. However, it is not similar kiln-baked clay and other traditional light color clay that maintains the heat. The materials we are mentioning have the shape of tiles. These are the interlocking arches of the roof half-barrel tiles that keeps on creating pockets of constant space through warm climate and circulation of water for preventing buildup of the heat.

Choice to Make:

It is important to understand that you can use any of the above-mentioned materials with flashing for improving the condition of your house. These materials will also work as siding of your house increasing their efficiency. You can talk to any of the reliable contractors for roofing Dearborn Michigan and for consulting more about the condition of your roof. The purpose is living a more comfortable material by installing the right kind of material on your roof.