Food Tours in Sydney

Sydney has a thriving multicultural community, so it’s no wonder that the city is famous for its foods. If you are a foodie, you can enjoy all the manners of cuisine in the city, from Mexican to Ethiopian to Chinese. Eating out in Sydney can also be a bit expensive, especially because most tourists don’t know where to go.

If you are a foodie, the city has a number of excellent food tours. Most are specialized in a certain area or taste and includes stops at top restaurants in Sydney as well as local foodie markets. You can take a pre-arranged route or go on a tailor-made route. In any case, here are some of the best food tours in the city that you can, too, enjoy when visiting the city:

Hunter Valley Food and Wine Tours

Hunter Valley, located just outside Sydney, is famous for its wine. You can enjoy wine tasting day trips from the city to the valley, plus with special stops to enjoy the gourmet delights the area offers. Hunter Valley is well known as a top producer of olives, olive oils, chili sauces, and chutneys. You can visit eateries and produce stores in the area to enjoy food made from fresh ingredients. You can try traditional Aussie favorites here, as well as imports like sushi, all with a glass of rich red wine.

French Food Safaris

Who says you have to go to France to enjoy great French food? You can enjoy authentic, indulgent and sumptuous French delicacies on one of the many French food “safaris” offered by tour operators in the city. You will stop at French eateries located all over Sydney to enjoy iconic French delights like charcuterie. Some tours also combine ingredient shopping excursions.

Inner West Side Food Tours

If you want to enjoy uniquely Australian and European foods while in the city, tour the inner west side of Sydney. This is where all the top Western cuisine restaurants are located. You can try fresh barbeque made from beef imported by an acclaimed retailer, try classic Australian meat pies, and enjoy delicious German food. This is a great tour if you are a carnivore, as there will be plenty of meat dishes to try.


The most vibrant neighborhood in Sydney is hands down Chinatown, the ever-busy district teeming with souvenir shops and eateries. No foodie trip to the city is complete without a tour at Chinatown. The area has many restaurants and diners serving exotic dishes from different parts of China, as all well as Malaysia, Japan, and the Philippines. This is the place to try all kinds of noodle soups, wraps, and sweets. Each serving is enough to make a full meal. Some restaurants serve family recipes you will find nowhere else in the world.

Chocolate Tour

Chocoholics, you can have your dreams come true by going on a chocolate-themed tour in the city. You will stop by the most popular and renowned boutiques in the city. Though Sydney is not known to be a town of chocolatiers, there are plenty of importers and bakers offering devilishly indulgent cocoa desserts and snacks.

No foodie will ever be disappointed in Sydney.