The world contains many marvels that even traveling it for all of one’s lifetime would be insufficient to properly explore it and experience all that it has to offer. There is history, culture, nature, geographical marvels, man-made wonders and much more to see in the world.

Europe is a continent that has it all. A Europe trip is very easy as traveling from one country to another, within the EU, does not have much red tape. Within short distances, there are drastically different cultures present, each with its own brand of uniqueness, and it would be very hard for any traveler to put together a through a plan to cover the entirety of Europe in a few days.

For people who are not experienced in hitchhiking or backpacking, for people who do not speak the language of the foreign countries, for people who are travelling as a group or with family or friends, for people who want to travel with safety and comfort, there are many Europe tour packages from Dubai available which offers amazing Europe tour packages from Dubai and is not very expensive compared to a trip planned on one’s own.

European Country tour package from Dubai

A person could Ski in Switzerland, shop in Paris, go for a boat ride in Venice and many more in a Europe tour with Europe holiday packages deal from Dubai.  One would get to visit the Louvre, perhaps see the Mona Lisa, go to the leaning tower of Pisa and party in Madrid and maybe have some English High tea to rest for a bit.

Europe tour package from Dubai

Many tours and travels in Dubai offer Europe holiday package deals from Dubai at prices for less than a thousand five hundred US dollars. Hence a Europe trip is possible and affordable for even those who wish or need to cut costs.

With a single package, one can get to see multiple countries such as England, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, and many more. One can experience the individual culture of each and every country, try their food such as Italian Risotto, German Spaetzle, and maybe French Escargots if one is adventurous.

A beer from Germany, Wine from Bordeaux or chardonnay or pinot noir to wash the international mean down and Swiss chocolates for dessert, maybe a platter of swiss cheese and fruits, with a Belgian ale would sound like an impossible feat but wondrous all the same.

Europe tour package from Dubai

However, a Europe holiday package from Dubai has much more to offer than just food and wine. Europe is home to castles and churches some of which are almost thousand and seven hundred years old like the cathedral of saint dominus in Croatia and Reichsburg Cochem which is more than a thousand years old.  Every major settlement or city in Europe will have an older part of the town where one can experience the magic of being able to travel back in time by a couple of centuries or more. The paved paths, the architecture, and the distinct culture is an experience unlike anything else.

Europe tour package from Dubai

One can learn off of history, visit the museums, and pose in front of all the tourist attractions. One may even try to sprain their neck by looking up at all the tall buildings of Frankfurt the Eiffel tower in Paris and feed the birds in the river Thames, after which one can explore the lush Italian countryside and have some fun at the beaches of Greece and stop by at Spain for their world-famous bean stew.

For the more active lot maybe the tomato festival or running of the bulls may be more fun. The adventurers may even try their hand at Bungee jumping, Para jumping, paragliding, water skiing, water rafting mountain climbing, and snorkeling.

One can cool down by going up to the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland or Russia and experience the Northern lights in person. After all the adventure, end the exciting tour by relaxing with some sautéed reindeer and vodka while resting in an ice hotel.