Best Apps For Predict Sunset & Sunrise Times And A Bit More

If you’re like me, you are love knowing when the sun is rising and when the sun is setting. It’s fun to know, so I can plan a sunset picnic or an early morning hike. It’s super easy to do that with apps that take the guesswork out of everything. If you need to know if it will be dark when the ball game is over, no problem.

Here are my 4 app suggestions for staying on top of the weather and of course, staying in the know about sunrise and sunset times.

sunset prediction

270,000 Personal Weather Stations with Weather Underground

Weather Underground’s app description boasts it uses over 270,000 weather stations so I decided to test out if that helps with data accuracy. But first, I like how interactive the weather maps are. You can examine multiple layers of weather information, from heat maps to cloud cover, all at the touch of your fingertips. And, it’s fairly easy to customize exactly which layers you want to analyze in case you don’t want to look at everything at once. Finally, local weather conditions seem to be user reported so it’s easy to find accurate sunset times. Overall, I say the “supposed” 270,000 stations do their job as I didn’t notice any inaccurate information in the 2 weeks of using it.

One thing I want to mention is if you are casual about the weather, you might find Weather Underground a bit overwhelming, as it seems better suited for the true weather enthusiasts. But, if you’re all in, and willing to take a bit of extra time, Weather Underground is a great choice to get all the information you need and not just sunrise and sunset time.

Detailed Forecasts at Your Fingertips with Sunrise Sunset Times Widget & WillyWeather

If you only need quick and accurate weather information, these 2 apps might do the trick. I like how notifications for severe weather, as well as precipitation forecasts, appear directly on your home screen. This makes it fairly easy to check weather conditions both around the country and the world. For those that want a detailed forecast without tons of numbers and graphs, Sunrise Sunset Times Widget and WillyWeather will keep you on your toes. They are both straightforward and there isn’t really much about them. And that is their main strength. Simple, quick, and accurate.

If you’re looking for complex information, both of these suggestions might seem a bit simple. I suggest trying out Weather Underground instead. However, the extensive and abundant weather information, in the simple and clear user-friendly format, make both a great choice.

Track More Even More Than Sunrise and Sunset Times with Sun Surveyor

So far I talked about sunset apps with weather conditions, but what about apps that are all about sunrise and sunsets? Or maybe even more. If you are into a bit more than just tracking the sunrise and sunset, Sun Surveyor is an impressive alternative to simple tracking. The position of the moon, the sun, and even the milky way can be previewed whenever you want with amazing augmented reality. So, if you’re a photographer and you need to plan your next photoshoot, look no further. You can even discover the “shade potential” for your surroundings. Sun Surveyor stands out from the pack with its highly elegant design and for me, an impressive data library that’s fun to check out.

Similar to the first one, if simplicity is what you’re going for, Sun Surveyor may prove a bit challenging. However, the developer has a dedicated Youtube channel to guide you through every step, and when I watched the videos, I didn’t feel quite so overwhelmed. Actually, I soon moved to the previously mentioned fun part.


In case you need to know what time the sun will set so you can plan that perfect evening picnic, I suggest checking out the top 10 list I found while doing my app research for this article.

Best 10 Apps for Sunrise and Sunset Times

Whether you are a casual photographer, like me. Or you just want to plan the perfect sunset picnic (also, like me), these apps can really help. I picked 3 apps that might be for different types of people. From simple to sophisticated, there is something for everyone. I hope you find just the right app to make your sunset/sunrise ideas true. And finally, not to get completely soaked in the rain while doing it.