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Benefits Offered By Health Insurance For Newborns

The birth of a new member in your family is a moment of joy and celebration. But this brings responsibilities too. Planning a secure future for your kid takes the front seat. It includes education, nurturing and attention, all of which at some point require money. But it would help if you did not ignore the health aspect too. Newborns need extra attention towards their health. Their immune systems are weak.

At such times availing health insurance is a smart solution to maintaining your finances while ensuring that your little champ receives the best possible treatment. Health insurance ensures that you have a safety layer to rely on in case of an unexpected medical emergency. Not only that but also preventive health check-ups can assist in being prepared for any ailment.

While there are a handful of insurance plans that offer insurance to a newborn, you can include your child in a family health insurance or opt for a maternity plan.

Some family health insurance plans offer coverage for newborns which can be opted at marginal premiums. All you need is to provide the necessary details and health records of your child. While a few family plans offer coverage after 90 days from birth.

Maternity insurance, on the other hand, can not only cover the expenses of childbirth but also secure the health of the newborn too. It offers dual protection to the mother and the child. These maternity insurances have coverage for the child until 90 days of age after which a family plan can be opted.

Thus, maternity insurance with a family plan can be used to secure the health of your baby right from day zero.

While selecting either insurance plans, the following are the benefits that can be enjoyed –

  • The increasing cost of medical treatments will drastically reduce to almost negligible. You can further enjoy convenience by opting for a cashless health insurance Under a cashless benefit plan, the hospital bills will be settled by the insurance company directly.
  • You can have a peaceful sleep knowing the safety of your baby is insured by a health insurance plan. There is access to reputed medical staff using the network hospitals and a financial safety net too.
  • The premiums charged are marginal for a newborn. Thus, at a low price, the insurance coverage can be spread to your newest family member.Some insurers offer additional cover for newborns without any increase in your premiums.

With the above benefits, it is certain that health insurance is critical for a newborn, let us look at a few factors that must be considered when selecting the right health insurance –

Premium Charged

Most insurers include the newborn members at a very low premium in a family floater plan while some others may include without any additional costs. Including your newborn will help you cover the immunisation costs as required in the early days. You can use a health insurance premium calculator to check for any additions in premium as available on the insurer’s website.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage may differ among various insurance companies. Some plans offer coverage for vaccinations only or a comprehensive cover in other cases. Make sure you check for the type of coverage that is provided before buying one.

Custom Plan

In case you wish to add the newborn to your family health policy, buy one which allows such customisation to get coverage right from the start.

Terms and Conditions

Make sure you read the terms and conditions of your insurance plan. Every insurance company has separate compliance of the terms. Get familiar in advance.

Keeping in mind the above benefits and pointers, buy a suitable health cover to protect your child.