Telecom Consultants

Trying to set up a new network for phone calls and web-based communication in your organization? Need to upgrade to Voice over Internet Protocol from a traditional PBX system? When there are so many conflicting sales pitches, how do you decide upon the best solution provider for your business? This is where the services of independently working, unbiased specialists support you.

Economical Pricing

In an aggressive market where VoIP service providers, hosted PBX providers and other telecom solutions businesses are trying to push their individual services, a telecom procurement and consulting company taps into economical pricing and unpublished promotions. It also looks into your actual needs and your existing infrastructure to document a list of equipment and set-ups that your work premise will essentially need. There is no attempt to sell anything superficial or unnecessary.

Other benefits

Here is a mention of some other benefits that come with hiring a consultant over contacting direct sales reps for your business telecom needs:

  • The consultants work with you while comprehending your business needs, your budget and decision making criteria.
  • They make recommendations on the basis of key differentiating points, advantages and benefits of each brand – you have all rights to select the one that you want.
  • Telecom consultants liaise with several service providers in their region. As against this, sales reps from a particular brand will try to make all your needs fit into their product set.
  • Consultants work on research with a cost-benefit analysis for their clients – you can ask yours to show you the actual benefits of working with a particular service provider, based on such research.
  • A consultant also becomes your single point of contact through the deal with the actual provider. They will ensure that services are smoothly provided.

Revenue-generating activities

Voice, SIP, cloud, MPLS, SD-WAN, disaster recovery, and business continuity are issues that must be entrusted only to specialists. As a business, you need to focus on your core revenue-generating activities. Your in-house IT teams usually take care of software specific to business activities. But where the networking and telecommunications for seamless links with your employees and clients come into the picture, it is wise to employ professionals working exclusively in the field.

An experienced telecom consultant can be your advisor, advocate, and analyst before, during and even after the installation of equipment at your site. They identify cost savings, efficiencies, and opportunities to enhance the value that networking, communication, and data transfer technologies provide to your business.

Scale the system Upward

With the growth of your business, your telecom services supporting company can also help you scale the systems upward and if you do not derive value from a particular solution, it can be conveniently scaled back without causing much interruption to your operations.

It may be deploying Voice over Internet Protocol or PBX, enhancing the abilities of your Wi-Fi routers or adding to the strength of your disaster recovery plan, an unbiased consultant dealing exclusively in telecom solutions is what a business needs.

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