Green roof is simply having vegetation system install on your roof. Many people misunderstand it by thinking growing vegetables or flowers onto a pot or bucket on the roof is having a green roof. The idea is wrong. It can be called a roof-top garden but in order to have a green roof you need waterproof material installed onto your roof where vegetation can take place. Many people have switched to green roof in today’s world because it has good ecological value, it improves the environment we live it and it saves money. It is a great hobby and often time people do not have enough space in their house front area to create a garden, green roof caters to that need.


At a glance let us see what green roof does,

  1. Purifies the air we breathe in
  2. Rainwater buffer is provided
  3. Indoor temperature is regulated
  4. Encourages biodiversity
  5. Saves energy
  6. Ambient environment is reduced

Purifies the air we breathe in

The plants growing on the green roof; convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and hence purifies the air we breathe in.

Rainwater buffer is provided

Green roof can absorb rainwater. It reduces the chance of over-flooding by delaying the water to get to the sewage system. That way rainwater gets purified too.

Indoor temperature is regulated

Having green roof on top, the heat of the sun cannot entre directly in the house, which is a good thing as it prevents the rooms to be over-heated. It creates a good layer of coolness inside of the house.

Encourages biodiversity

The city life is hectic, filled with concrete. Having a little pieces of green in the house, in this case on top of the house is great. The plants welcome butterfly, birds and other harmless insects. This promotes biodiversity.

Saves Energy

Green roof can actually save energy by keeping the overall temperature of the house to minimum. It encourages better solar function. A better solar function means saving more energy.

Ambient environment is reduced

A lot of people would be surprised to know a green roof actually works as a sound barrier. The city life is always noisy and filled with crowd. A green roof can reduce the noise level and help you relax in your abode. No need to install any soundproof materials in your house. A green roof would be enough to save you from the horrible noises.

Extended Lifespan of Roof

We all want a roof that last for decades and more. It is rather terrifying to think of fixing or replacing or getting a new roof because of the massive work, money and time it usually requires. We all want to do whatever it takes to increase the lifespan of our roofs. Green roof actually increases the lifespan of the roof by adding a layer of protection to it.

Installing a green roof is not an easy task. You may want to search for roofing contractors Ann Arbor and hire an efficient roofing contractor to do the job properly.

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