Benchmark Your Business With Lean Kaizen Virtual Tour

Lean Kaizen Virtual Tour

Enna helps you to establish your business so that it introduces you to several types of products which are very important for any trade industry. Trading is an important factor in the progress of any country. People visit abroad for trade for the progress of their companies. Enna gives you an opportunity to travel to Japan and meet Japanese through the “Lean Kaizen Virtual Tour’.

What is Lean Kaizen Virtual Tour?

This is a tour which comprises 6 days. These days, lean offers you many activities which; at the day end will be proved as useful. You will not regret after joining these tours to japan. Knowledge seekers will get knowledge here in many different ways.

Tour Day 1:

Day 1 is the orientation day, where all participants meet the hosts of the tour. There is an introduction session and the hosts tell the participants about the objectives of the tour.

Tour Day 2:

The second day is about the TOTO Bath Create and Sinko Industries. TOTO is an organization in which 20% of the workers are of TOTO and 80% are the contractors.  It believes in teamwork where every leader may have the 5 to 10 workers who are ordered to report the leader about their work. The expectation of the TOTO leader is that he will fulfill the need of the customer. In Sinko industries, you will see a totally balanced production. They are working in a well-managed way where their drastic reduction is in time cost and footprints. In these two industries, you will learn a lot about your business, by apply them at your workplace you will get definitely better results than before.

Tour Day 3:

On day 3 you will visit the company named Hida Sangyo in Japan. There you will learn about the furniture industry. Here you will see that all workers are working as a team of 10 or more; at Hida, no one works alone. In the afternoon you will visit Kashiwa Corporation, where you will learn more about the furniture industry.

Tour Day 4:

On day 4, you will visit a Japanese sweet factory named as Kanou Corporation, where you will learn about the machinery used to make the sweets, you will also see the production of the country and meet the production manager there. After that, you will visit NBK Corporation, which produced 40,000 possible products.

Tour Day 5:

It is a dream of many people to visit the Toyota Company. We give you the chance to visit Toyota. On Day 5, you will visit the Toyota factory and the Toyota museum and come to know about the production and the manufacturing techniques of the company. There is a lot to learn, which when applied to any business, will definitely run in a positive way.

Tour Day 6:

Then on the last day Omron Tayou and some places.
In this tour, you will learn about the Kaizen culture of Japan. So don’t miss the chance to book your tickets for the tour. Limited seats are available. We at Enna make sure that you will gain more knowledge and we never let you down.