Is this a dream of yours to go on a solo backpacking trip.?If Yes, then you are probably one among us (I too love doing that J). I just went on a solo trip to one of my favorite destinations to explore myself along with nature.!

Going out on a solo backpacking trip is too much fun but if you mess up in planning, believe me, you are gone..! Imagine you are on a solo trip, the weather is too chilling and it starts raining and what if you are carrying your expensive handset, without a waterproof backpack…? Chill, chill it was just an imagination.! To avoid such things in real life go through the below beginners guide for the first solo backpacking trip.

Solo Backpacking Trip

#1. Plan your trip properly.

As you are moving alone this time, it is always suggested that you plan your trip initially and then start your journey. You may get help from the Internet or you can consult someone who has already been to that location.

If you have a clear mindset on what you are going to do next, you will probably reduce half of your stress.!

#2. Decide where to build your tent

When you are alone, this is highly important to see where you can build your tent. Probably you would never want your tent floating in the water while you are sleeping. So watch it carefully to it where will the water go, if it starts raining heavily. You can carry some waterproof sleeping backpack, as it is readily available in the market and will give you great conform and good sleep in the worst condition too.

Also make sure that you are not building your tent in a very remote place, from where no one can even here your screams if something goes wrong.

#3. Do not carry too much or too less

While moving alone, you need to keep in mind that if you are stuck up somewhere in between the probabilities are less than you may get any help. So you need to have all your necessary belongings with you to help you at any point of time and in any situation.

Moreover carrying too much unnecessary stuff will make your backpack too heavy and ultimately will frustrate you a lot.!

#4. Have something for your protection

Traveling alone is a challenge and to stay safe is the first aspect of this challenge.! You need to have something with you to protect yourself from wild animals, insects and unfortunately from humans as well.

If you are a single lady on a backpacking trip, you need to be careful and at such times having few of your weapons will help you a lot. Keeping a multipurpose knife, a pepper spray and probably an electronic notifying device will help you stay safe.

So with these points in mind, if you plan out your first solo backpacking trip, you probably gonna have a hassle-free trip. Traveling alone on such backpacking trips is always fun but only when they are planned well and more important you go according to your plans J.