Bear Found Guilty and Killed for Being a Bear.

Bear found guiltyI am the owner of Defense and Security Products, My name is Gary. I live just 60 miles from the number one vacation destination in America, and that is Yellowstone National Park. We here in Montana do welcome our visitors to our great state to experience our majestic mountains, crystal clear lakes and streams and all the wonderful geysers and hot springs in Yellowstone. My hope here is to bring to your attention the dangers that lurk here in the wild. And the preventative measures you should be aware of. For when you come to Yellowstone National Park, you have entered a vast wilderness. Also, wildlife has just entered springtime, when everything comes to life after a long and generally harsh winter. All the wildlife will be tending to their young, trying to get food, and everything is at what I call a very heightened state. So visitors need to understand these things and respect nature because if they don’t nature can be very cruel.

Each and every year we will have an incident or confrontation of man-verses-bear. In most cases they bear wins, but then the question I have here is did he? Most always a hiker or backpacker will stumble upon a bear, the bear becomes startled and attacks out of self-defense. Or maybe the bear has cubs which are always not good, you come between a Sow and her Cubs and you are in a very dangerous situation. Or even in the dead of night, a bear will visit your camp to check out all the smells that have been left behind from your dinner, and in the process of being snoopy is startled when the camper awakes to see a bear in there face. I could go on and on with conditions that can be troublesome in the wild.

It’s such a sad, and most of the time, an unnecessary event that will almost always end up with a tragedy being a person has been killed and a bear is then hunted down and killed. This is where I have a problem because a bear is a wild creature and we have invaded his home and he is really only doing what wild animals do. So the bear is hunted down, judged, found guilty and killed for being a bear. I don’t believe there is anything I’m going to be able to do to change that however, I can educate the public as to the thing to be aware of, and things you need to have with you at all times when in the wilderness.

The most important thing when hiking, fishing or camping in the wilderness is to be aware of your surroundings at all times, make noise so you won’t come around a corner and surprise a bear. If you do come around a corner and come upon a bear, you only have seconds to react. turn and run may help, but a bear can outrun you. turn and run to the nearest tree but a bear is an expert tree climber. Lay down and play dead, this has been the most effective measure as we have had many testimonies of such a thing. The best thing you can do is to come prepared and purchase some of our bear sprays, and have it with you at all times when hiking fishing and camping, and by all means, have it handy. It’s actually a good idea to practice reaching for it and having it ready at any time because an event like a bear attack happens quick.



Another good product to have when you are out fishing, hiking or camping is our walking or hiking staff we call the hike and strike. It’s combined with a built-in flashlight and a stunning device.

killed for being a bearHIKE N STRIKEflashlight

I also own and operate Beartooth Kennels where we Breed and train German Shepherds with some of the best bloodlines in the world. This is such a nice product to have when you have purchased a puppy. In the world of German Shepherd puppies, there are two critical times when a puppy can be forever changed by a bad incident such as being attacked by another dog. The ages of these critical times are 8 to 10 weeks and somewhere in the 6 to 8-month-old period. Normally a person will take their new puppy home with them at 8 weeks old and we will instruct them on the importance of socialization. So with an instrument like our hike and strike, you can easily deter a dog that comes to attack your puppy, and most of the time, even in the wild, all it will take is the sound the stun device makes when you push the button.

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