Insured While Moving

Nobody likes moving. It is a task that combines to be both tedious and arduous. Packing your things and finding the right transportation is just the beginning of the battle. Then you have the actual act of moving your belongings. This is something that is made even more complicated if you are moving from state to state. One thing that is certain is that all kinds of different accidents can happen when you are moving.

They usually happen when we least expect them too. This is why it is important to understand if you are insured for your move. Some people may think that they are insured when they are not and suffer a great financial burden after an accident. Here are some major things to look out when you are moving when it comes to being insured.

Moving Company

Many people think that their moving company is fully insured for their goods if anything were to happen while they were being loaded out, loaded in, or transported. This is actually not true. While moving companies to carry insurance for their goods, they only have to have a minimum amount of auto insurance. It is usually about 30 cents per pound. This is not enough to cover all of your belongings in the case of an accident. It is a good idea to consider purchasing extra insurance, especially if you are moving long distance.

Rental Truck

Rental Trucks are big and bulky and usually whoever is driving it is driving it for the first time. This means that accidents happen all the time. A lot of car insurance companies from rental insurance through their regular auto coverage. Some don’t cover rental trucks though. This is a good thing to look into when booking a rental truck for your move. You may need to purchase supplemental insurance for your rental truck in order to have peace of mind and proper coverage.

Homeowner’s Insurance

You also will want to contact the agent for your homeowner’s policy before you move. Each homeowner’s policy is different when it comes to covering your belongings during a move. Most of them cover all of the belongings while they are in the home, but don’t cover them while they are in transit. Understanding your homeowner’s policy will greatly help you understand whether or not you want to purchase extra insurance through your move through your insurance agency or your moving company.

Company Moves

Most people that are moving through their company are given some kind of budget and will work within that budget to move. Other companies take care of the procedure themselves completely for their employees. A common mistake during this process is that corporations forget to purchase the right insurance for their employees during the move. This means that the employee could be liable and not even know it.

If you are being moved by your company be sure to do your due diligence and make sure that they are properly covering you during the move. If they are not, you may need to purchase some supplemental insurance for your move.

These are the biggest ways that people that are moving see a gap between the moving insurance they have and the moving insurance that they need. Always be sure that your moving company is properly insured before booking with them. If they only offer minimum insurance make sure you have proper coverage.

If you are renting a truck you need to make sure the truck is fully covered as well to prevent accidents from an inexperienced driver in an unfamiliar area. The last way that people miss out on coverage is when they are being relocated and their company doesn’t properly insure them. Moving costs can be disastrous if you are uninsured or under-insured for your move. You don’t want to add this to the laundry list of headaches that moving already brings.