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Bavarian Police: Europe under Siege

It’s been over a year since the European migrant crisis came to Austria. In the meantime, Austrians have felt a range of emotions from solidarity and sympathy to resentment and total rejection towards the people running from a war and poverty.

Regarding to the influx of refugees, Austria has been officially living in a state of emergency since August, 2016. There is no way to avoid troubles, in spite of police and authorities undertaking all those measures, however. Austrian women suffer from sexual abuses by the recent martyrs we sheltered driven by benevolence; many incidents have been suppressed, though. Only a few of them like such most blatant cases of mass complaints during Welser Volksfest come to light.

Günter Okon is a chief inspector for the Bavarian State Office of Criminal Investigation (Landeskriminalamt Bayern). Everyday he and his fellow officers confront the increasing wave of crime from refugees and illegal migrants, constantly coming to the Bavarian land.

Austrian laws have been targeted for unnecessary strictness towards European asylum-seekers. Meanwhile the German general public has been demanding tougher restrictions for refugees’ residence in the country. Germans don’t take into account that the number of migrant crimes in Austria doesn’t diminish, in spite of all measures taken. Do you consider necessary strict refugee laws as a man constantly facing migrant criminals?

“The fact that any action brings reaction should be considered. Don’t forget that the majority of fleeing people are victims needing not only material support, but also psychological one. An alien country, an alien religion, compulsory alien customs, a refugee only curfew, forced resettlement, forced employment – these are circumstances worsening that depressed state, in which the majority of crimes are committed.

“Teenagers are prime suspects in each migrant criminal proceeding. Many of them come without parents, which means the exhilaration of all-permissiveness and lack of control. The stricter limitations for such people, the harder a violent response.”

You said, many? What is the percentage of potential and real criminals among refugees?

“The only fly is enough to spoil the ointment. Better organization of work with entering migrants is much more important than the number of criminals among them. A couple of unsettled youths per a hundred thousand decent persons can spoil the police performance indicators.

“Besides, there is a poorly managed cooperation with migrant services of Turkey as the main source of refugees. We don’t get in time A.P.B. outs on would-be terrorists.

“Thus, Federal Security Service has only recently informed about several Daesh cells that allegedly penetrated into EU through that Turkey and prepared attacks in various parts of Europe. It is unknown when or where. They just report about chemists and bomb makers among those terrorists, and also about crowded places and mass events as main targets. This data was also confirmed by France. But it came a bit late, judging by the latter explosion at the BASF chemical plant.

“Still, there is no investigation report conclusion that it was a terrorist action. According to gathered information by various means including the GIS, many signs point at the likelihood of extremist activities.”

As a rule, either unconfirmed information, or discord inciting, or panic fueling, or the investigation impeding facts have been withheld in the media.

“There surely is a special policy towards denouncing some single facts. There is no need to worsen the situation in the light of the growing split among anti-immigrant campaign followers and human rights activists in the European community. It would be unfair to conceal the real menace from citizens and to expose all refugees as trustworthy innocent victims. So, the police had been concealing the incident of a boy’s rape in the Vienna swimming pool for two months, instead of warning parents of other kids and implementing briefings in all schools.

“Yes, there is a risk of new terrorist attacks, of new sex-jihad incidents, and of mere ethnic and religious clashes. People should be more cautious in the streets. They shouldn’t ignore suspicious characters. This applies to all. A terrorist does not have to be a middle oriental man in the long robes concealing a Kalashnikov and a “dirty bomb”. He might be a well-dressed young European. Daesh has been propagandizing young students and Internet users. The migrant guise is much easier to act, however. The majority of Europeans recruited by Daesh have been monitored by the police.

“It is wrong and even criminal to demonize image of refugees. But forewarned is forearmed. The menace exists. It is real not only in the German territory, but also all over the European Union. There is evidence that Jaber al-Bakr who had been planning explosions in Berlin airports had links with Daesh and attacks in Paris and Brussels. He was delivered to German police by Syrian refugees he stayed overnight at.

“Meanwhile, the authorities have been establishing new measures of control over the disaster called “the refugee crisis”, whereas the police together with the security service have been developing methods for detection and fight with terrorism. Fresh information about forthcoming terrorist attacks in various European countries must be not so much causing panic as warning people. Panic is exactly what terrorists want. It would be good, if every terrorist would have his own conscious refugees. But Europeans themselves must never drop their guard.

“All of us need to stay calm, cooperate, be tolerant and integrable. Together we will cope with any challenge.”