While living carefully lowers the odds of facing undesirable situations, no amount of caution can completely eliminate risks. Even one of the worst things that you can think of, such as a loved one being arrested for criminal charges, can happen unexpectedly. Thankfully, if the offense is bailable, there’s a sure-fire way to get them released from jail. Paying a bond amount can give a defendant the chance to experience temporary freedom while waiting for their court trial.

However, the bail amount can get expensive and you may lack the funds to supplement its payment. Thus, to obtain financing, it’s best to contact a bail bond agency. Good thing, there are numerous agencies out there that provide bail bonds service from Summit County, Utah to as far as Montgomery, Alabama so you’ll have no trouble locating one wherever you are. But, this can also be a disadvantage because you’ll have a harder time choosing which one to work with.

To help you out, here are some tips on how to effectively select a good bail bond agency:

Try to Lower the Bail Amount

First things first. Before contacting an agency, it’s recommended to wait until the arraignment hearing. This allows the defense lawyer some time to persuade the judge into decreasing the amount of bail. Oftentimes, the lawyer or even family members can successfully convince the judge that imposing a lower fee will not cause any harm whatsoever.

Verify Licensing

All licenses for bail bondsmen and agents are granted by the Department of Insurance. Therefore, when issues arise, you can voice out your complaints or concerns by ensuring that you have the license number of the bail agent that you’re paying and signing the contracts with. Be wary of agencies that operate under non-existent or fictitious business names. These establishments are not being regulated and monitored. When you encounter a bail bond company with no license, notify the Department of Insurance immediately and file a complaint. 

Get Suggestions from Trusted Sources

You don’t have to look for when you need recommendations. Simply ask the attorney who handles your loved one’s defense. When agencies coordinate with defense lawyers, there’s more assurance that they deliver quality work and has an agreeable corporate reputation. Moreover, bail bonds referred by the attorney can be reduced to up to 8%. You can also ask the detention officers for suggestions. They have knowledge and connections in the industry, and like lawyers, can provide ways on how to get a lower fee.

Determine the Fees

Usually, availing the services of a bail bond company will cost about 10% of the bail. Therefore, you don’t have to shell out a huge amount on the spot. Your arrested loved one or family member can be released from jail upon the issuance of a small payment. Do adequate research and evaluate companies so you can get the best possible deal.

Too Cheap is a Red Flag

It’s best to avoid agencies that offer excessively cheap prices. Of course, when you start doing research, you’ll find that some charge higher or lower than others. But, know where to draw the line. A fee of 5% or even less can be an indicator that the agency is engaging in illegal operations. Moreover, even legitimate companies with low fees are most likely inexperienced or have a tainted reputation.

It always pays to be diligent and meticulous when choosing a bail bond agency. Moreover, it’s important that the accused attend his or her trial to avoid further charges and forfeiture of bail.