Bahrain Shiite Clerics

Fifty-four Shiite clerics in Bahrain issued a joint statement expressing their beliefs on the mullahs’ rule in Iran and other matters, reported on Monday, June 27th.

The signatories of this statement emphasized “every individual is responsible to confront widespread sedition and those behind such a phenomenon. This is not an issue strictly limited to the followers of a specific religion, or grounds to exemplify the followers of other religions, individually or in a group fashion.”

“The approach adopted by various clerics in tainting the image of [Shiite Islam] through the type of establishment [seen in Iran]… and their positions on the society’s security is condemned,” the statement reads, warning against the “threats in the road ahead for Bahrain and the entire region,” underscoring the importance of adopting a “positive and profiting position for all peoples, and in defense of sanctities and their dignified fellow countrymen.” The clerics consider this a religious, national and humanitarian duty.

The Shiite clerics in Bahrain expressed their abhorrence regarding the “spread of gossip” and “wrong measures that insult the morality and path chosen by Prophet Mohammad,” adding “senior religious figures and their representatives in the Islamic World comprehend the fact that the Bahraini leadership and nation are facing a major challenge and a major threat.”

This statement also warns of the spread of destructive chaos in Bahrain and the annihilation of all their achievements, adding defending these issues is considered a religious must.

Shiite clerics of Bahrain expressed support for their government’s measures in the face of “seditionists” and “provokers splitting the society into two camps.”

“We emphasize our support for the leadership and nation, seek the establishment of justice, tolerance and bravery… and there is no doubt that the nation of Bahrain enjoys a free, cooperative and strong will to defend their country, sanctities, and accomplishments,” the statement concludes.

This declaration was issued on 27 June 2016 in Manama, the capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain by the following signatories:

1. Sheikh Dr. Abdullah bin Ahmed al-Maqabi
2. Sheikh Mohammad Jaafar Mohamed
3. Sheikh Mohamed Ali Abdullah Salah
4. Sheikh Mohamed Ali Mohamed Ali al-Asfour
5. Sheikh Aqil Abdullah al-Madani
6. Sheikh Ali Ahmed Mohamed Ali
7. Sheikh Mousa Jom’e al-Shakhouri
8. Sheikh Mousa Mohamed Eisa Hashem
9. Sheikh Saeed Eisa Ali Hassan
10. Sheikh Hamid Abdul-Shaheed Kazem Al-Shamlan
11. Sheikh Salman Abdullah Hassan
12. Sheikh Abdul-Ali Ahmed al-Mehri
13. Sheikh Ali Abdul-Jalil Ahmed Mohamed
14. Shiekh Fazel Hassan Feel
15. Sheikh Malek Ali Mohamed al-Asfour
16. Sheikh Jafar Abdullah Hassan Abdullah
17. Sheikh Mohamed Mahdi al-Zoheiri
18. Sheikh Hassan Abdullah al-Matruk
19. Sheikh Hassan Abdullah Darwish
20. Sheikh Mohamed Mulla Ali Abdulnabi
21. Sheikh Hossein al-Bala
22. Sheikh Abbas Abdul-Mohsin Haydar
23. Sheikh Abbas Salman Ali Hossein
24. Sheikh Adel Ibrahim al-Jemeri
25. Sheikh Mohamed Saeed al-Aradi
26. Sheikh Ahmed Ali Yousuf Mohamed
27. Sheikh Ahmed Salman Eisa Hassan
28. Sheikh Mohamed Eisa Ahmed Abbas
29. Sheikh Ahmed al-Seyed Mohamed Taleb Ibrahim
30. Sheikh Ahmed Hassan Ahmed Ali
31. Sheikh Ahmed Ali Ahmed al-Marri
32. Sheikh Ibrahim Ismaeel Hassan
33. Sheikh Mohamed Turki Makki Hassan
34. Sheikh Abdul-Shaheed Mahdi Ahmed Yousuf
35. Sheikh Ahmed Abdul-Hassan Mahdi Nasser
36. Sheikh Saeed Abbas Jassem al-Asfour
37. Sheikh Abdul-Mohsen Mulla Atiye al-Jemeri
38. Sheikh Mohamed Reza Abbas Kazem Abbas
39. Sheikh Aqil Yousuf Ahmed
40. Sheikh al-Seyed Sadeq Ali Ibrahim
41. Sheikh Mohamed Mulla Ahmed al-Tobalani
42. Sheikh Abdullah Ibrahim Mohamed Saleh
43. Professor Ahmed Hassan al-Mawali
44. Professor Es’haq Ibrahim al-Hallal
45. Professor Hamid al-Seyed Saeed Ahmed
46. Professor Jafar Mohamed Hashem Mohamed
47. Professor Hamid Mohamed Nasser Ali
48. Professor Mohamed Abdul-Nabi al-Jashi
49. Professor Mahdi Hassan Sharaf Hassan
50. Professor Reza Hassan Sharaf Hassan
51. Professor Shaker Abdullah Ali Kazem
52. Professor Ali Fardan Mohamed Fardan
53. Sheikh Mohamed Reza al-Fardan
54. Sheikh Abdullah Ashour

Pejman Amiri is a freelance writer on Iran & MiddleEast Pro-democracy & freedom for Iran