15 Best Backpage Alternative Websites To Use In 2022

Backpage Alternative
Backpage Alternative

In today’s competitive world, business owners have to consider many factors while they choose a backpage platform. It is important that these business owners are well aware of the various options available in the market. Backpage is one of the most popular websites in the world. The website has been around since 1998 and it is one of the largest classifieds websites in the world. It provides a number of services such as online advertising, internet advertising and search engine optimization services.

Whatever you’re searching for, here are some popular alternatives to backpage. But there are some problems with the page and it calls the need for alternatives. By keeping the same in mind here we are discussing about it. Let’s get started!

1. Yesbackpage

The closure of backpage offered an opportunity for several websites that offer comparable services, one of which being Yesbackpage. The website’s traffic has increased dramatically after the backpage was banned, owing to the fact that the Yesbackpage has the same type of classified sections that the backpage did.

Yesbackpage is being considered as a new backpage alternative and a site comparable to the backpage. However, the Yesbackpage seems more like a backpage website than a backpage website. The website maintains the same brilliant blue and white colour scheme as the backpage.

2. eBackpage 

eBackpage is the Backpage’s sibling site. As a result, the majority of the functionalities on this website are identical to those on Backpage. The website claims to give its consumers with hassle-free and value-driven services. The website employs the same colour scheme as the previous backpage in order to attract the user’s attention. If the backpage for your favourite website is unavailable, Ebackpage is the finest backpage replacement for backpage users.

The website receives the majority of its traffic from the United States. As with the backpage, this website is well-known for its personal advertisement part.

3. Oodle

Oodle was founded in 2004 and within a few years established itself as one of the most popular classified websites globally. Initially founded as a classified listing website, the website has grown to be known for its advertisement component.

Prior to Craigslist’s ad part being taken down, Oodle’s ad area faced stiff competition from Craigslist. Following the closure of the Craigslist classifieds area, Oodle became the new Craigslist classifieds alternative for Craigslist users, who transferred to Oodle to take advantage of the dating services offered by the Oodle website. Oodle has a higher popularity rating than a backpage website. As a result, you may use it as a suitable backpage alternative.

4. Kijiji:

Kijiji is an amazing website for anyone interested in posting local classified adverts. eBay started the website in February 2005 and it is completely owned by eBay.

The website provides a forum for community members to interact and buy or sell items and services; however, if you’re searching for a global classifieds site, Kijiji is not the best option due to its concentration on Canada’s local classifieds.

5. Craigslist

Craiglist began as an electronic newsletter headquartered in San Francisco that allowed users to submit classified items for free! What makes Craiglist the ideal backpage replacement is that it features classified advertisements for virtually every imaginable category, including paint jobs, housing, commerce, services, and personals. Additionally, the website features a forum part where users may post articles and engage in conversation in the comments section.

Craiglist’s developers and owners created it to give users with a non-commercial platform for offering and acquiring products and services. A non-commercial platform is one that allows users to publish and view classified advertising for free, as well as react to them.

6. Doublelist

Doublelist is a classified, personals, and dating website that allows users to publish free classified advertising. The website is mostly focused on the United States of America. The website is one of the most successful alternatives to backpage and offers similar services to those sought by backpage users.

It receives around 15 million visits every month from all across the world. Doublelist was founded with the goal of providing a safe platform for individuals to publish adverts and communicate. Within a few years of its establishment, consumers began to regard it as a useful page and Craigslist substitute. One of the primary perks of Doublist is that users may submit advertising for free.

7. Olx

Olx is one of the world’s greatest online classifieds websites. The website is hosted in Amsterdam. In comparison to other Backpage Alternatives, Olx is one of the most legal and secure websites on the internet, with users from all over the world. According to Wikipedia, the website has over 200 million monthly visitors.

8. Locanto

Locanto is one of Germany’s most popular classified ad websites. The website was founded in July 2006 as a new york city classifieds site. However, within one month, they expanded their services throughout the United States of America. The website now has a user base of over 1.5 million members from over 60 countries.

This service allows you to submit advertising from anywhere in the globe for free. The website features listings in a variety of categories, including employment, for lease, for sale, services, real estate, community, automobiles, and pets.

9. Peerhub

Peerhub is a website similar to backpage in that it allows you to sell items and services across a wide variety of categories. The website features an intuitive user interface. You may create an account quickly with your email address.

10. Gumtree

Gumtree was one of the original classified advertising websites in the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom and Australia, the website is a serious competitor to backpage. The majority of users chose Gumtree as one of the greatest backpage substitutes following the backpage’s demise.

Even the majority of users in the United Kingdom and Australia rated this website higher than Backpage. The website provides its consumers with freemium services. The website is owned by Michael Pennington.

11. eBay classified

eBay is a for-profit classified advertisement website; unlike other Backpage Alternatives, eBay is not free. To sell your goods or service on the website, you must pay a nominal charge. However, the charge is extremely reasonable, making their online services easily accessible to anyone. Advertisements on the website are only active for 24 hours.

12. Yakaz:

It is a global classifieds website with a sizable user base. Yazak’s webpage is updated on a regular basis.

13. Hoobly:

Hoobly is a no-cost classified advertising website. It allows you to advertise your products and services in a wide variety of categories, including art, electronics, literature, business, real estate, and clothes.

It takes simply a few minutes to register on Hoobly classified sites. Anyone may register on the website for free using their email address.

14. Geebo

Geebo is a 2000-founded online classifieds website situated in the United States of America. The website provides visitors with a plethora of categories. Geebo maintains the safest environment possible for its users. Although the website’s service is available globally, the website’s primary region is the United States of America.

15. Roomster

The Roomster website launched in New York City in September 2000. The website enables you to look for a roommate or find a place for yourself. The website features a fully working mobile application for Android and iOS devices. You may simply use the roomster service by downloading the app from Google Play or the Apple Store. Additionally, you may advertise your space on this website.

Final Conclusion 

The 15 Backpage alternatives websites 2022 that I stated previously are excellent options for backpage customers when their preferred side backpage is unavailable or inoperable. These 15 alternatives to backpage are well-known for their popularity as a platform for selling products and services.