Avoid Putting Customers’ Calls On Hold For Silly Reasons

Putting Customers’ Calls on hold

It is so true that customers contact inbound contact centers for plenty of reasons, and it becomes quite challenging for inbound customer support agents to deliver efficient solutions to every caller in the quickest possible manner. Some customers seek general information, and these sorts of customers can be easily assured of great experience on each touchpoint. However, some customers have typical or unique issues, and it becomes a bit problematic for your inbound call center agents to handle such queries. As a result, your customer service agents have to put customers’ calls on hold for a long duration.

Although it is so true that inbound customer support agents have to put their calls on hold to seek crucial and relevant details, nonetheless it must be ensured that customers’ calls are not put on hold for silly reasons. If you would put customers’ calls on hold for a long duration, then it would not let you accomplish your customer service objectives.

Therefore, renowned call center inbound service providers must take some crucial actions that can help them reduce the number of calls put on hold, or at least, reduce the duration of time for which customers’ calls are put on hold.  There are plenty of ways in which inbound call centers can ensure the same, and some of the most strategic actions that should be taken in this regard are mentioned below.

Train your agents comprehensively:

This is certainly the most strategic action that you should take in order to put a tab on a number of incoming calls that are put on hold.  You should train all your inbound customer support agents in a comprehensive manner as possible, regularly. People must try to cover every crucial area that is related to customer service during your strategic, comprehensive training sessions. You should inform your agents about the effective ways in which miscellaneous queries and issues must and handled.

More importantly, you need to teach your inbound customer support agents about some unique issues that customers might face while using your offerings. All these would help your skilled agents in the call center inbound immensely in minimizing the number of calls put on hold for silly reasons. This, in turn, would help you achieve all your customer care objectives easily.

Ensure call back to your customers:

Although you must try to resolve all the issues faced by customers on the first point of contact, you must know that sometimes you would not be able to deliver appropriate solutions on the very first point of contact.  Herein, your inbound customer support agents must avoid putting customers’ calls on hold for a long duration just to discuss the issues with fellow customer service professionals.

Instead, you should embrace call back policy.  This would help your agents gather crucial details and relevant information that can help customers eliminate their queries in the easiest possible manner.  This would help you minimize the number of incoming calls you’re your agents has to put on hold.  Importantly, this is a value-centric gesture that can help you deliver a great experience to customers through proactive assistance and guidance.

Have an efficient call routing system:

It is so true that every call center inbound has an efficient IVR system, and this interactive voice response system can easily guide customers on how to connect with the most qualified agents for various issues. However, you must know that some customers do not go through the menus carefully, and they keep on selecting irrelevant options just to connect with any business representative.

Herein, if skilled agents in inbound call centers are not facilitated with the efficient manual call routing systems, then they would certainly be forced to put customers’ calls on hold. Therefore, you must try to ensure an efficient call routing system that can help you put a tab on the number of incoming calls put on hold.

In short, you must ask your strategic call center inbound partner to pay attention to these strategies that can help them minimize the number of incoming calls put on hold for silly reasons.