The land of kangaroos, Australia is till date considered being a popular destination for migrants. The cities of Australia are considered to be the most liveable ones and also because Australia has the best immigration policy. It has a progressive society which is the best for those who want a good quality of life for themselves and their family. Temporary work visa Australia also known as subclass 457 is a great way to migrate to Australia but it can only be given if one is sponsored by someone.

Time period for the subclass 457 visa


There are two time periods for which one can acquire this visa:

  • 2 years validity with an option of getting it renewed only once.
  • 4 years validity with visa renewal and in a few cases permanent residency after three years.
  • Requirements for the immigrant

In order to get the temporary work skilled visa subclass 457 one has to fulfil teh following requirements:

  • Should be under 45 years of age.
  • A person should have atleast 2 years experience as a skilled worker.
  • Should have knowledge of English language and should also take an English test.
  • Have to prove that the ones’ taxes match with the Tax office records of Australia.
  • Have to provide a clearance certificate.
  • Fulfil the medical requirements and also get an health insurance done.

Requirements to be fulfilled by employers

  • Have to pay the salary according to the skilled migration Income only.
  • Have to take a labour test according to the market standards.
  • Another test that the employers have to take is the non-discriminatory workforce test in order to ensure that the workers of Australia are not neglected.

Benefits of a subclass work visa

  • One gets unlimited time to travel in and around Australia.
  • Can bring the family to Australia through this visa.
  • Have to work in Australia for four years.

For applying for the temporary skilled category one needs to be sponsored but for sponsoring the sponsor has to one fulfil the following requirements:

  • The sponsor must be available in Australia lawfully.
  • Have to present the employment offer and also show the need of an employee with specific skills.
  • That person should follow the immigration laws.
  • The sponsor should be actively operational in Australia as well as provide the necessary training to the employee.

If, you are given a subclass 457 visa then there are a few conditions that one needs to abide with otherwise the visa stands cancelled like:

  • Should only work for the fixed occupation.
  • One should start working within 90 days of getting the visa if in case you were outside Australia when the visa was granted.
  • You can only work for the sponsor who nominated you.

These are the basic requirements and benefits that one gets after getting the subclass visa 457 but then a few rules should be followed and abided by.