Among the different ways of isolating its attics, blowing can be very practical in certain circumstances. The insulation by insulation blowing machines will indeed offer you quality insulation, and will be sometimes essential to improve the insulation of your roof spaces. The professionals returns in detail on the insulation of the attic by blowing, and reveals you all the advices to know.

How does blow insulation work?

To begin, let’s give a small definition of blow insulation. As its name suggests, this technique will consist of blowing an insulator directly into the part to be insulated. It works with flake insulation, which will form an even layer to eliminate thermal bridging.

In the case of attics, the insulation by insulation vacuums, blowing can be carried out from the inside or the outside. It will suffice to introduce a pipe in the attic to isolate, so as to blow the insulation directly into the attic. Thanks to insulation vacuums, a machine specifically designed by blow insulation, your insulation layer will be uniform and very efficient.

In which cases to isolate attics by blowing

There are different ways to insulate an attic. In some cases, the attic insulation by cool insulation removal machine will not be the best solution.

It must indeed be kept in mind that the insulation by blowing is suitable only for attics lost and not accessible. For habitable attic or attic which acts as a shed, it will be necessary to opt for another method of insulation.

The advantage of attic insulation by blowing

If you want to insulate non-habitable attic, blowing will be a solution of choice. Indeed, this technique has many advantages:

  • Speed: Blow insulation is done in just a few hours, so you save a lot of time.
  • Ease of use: Attic insulation of the rafters will not require the protection of the insulation or the placement of plasterboard. As a result, you benefit from easy insulation to put in place.
  • Accessibility: some attics are simply not accessible from the house. With blowing, you just need to insert the pipe to insulate, which can be done from the roof, for example.
  • Efficiency: used in attics lost, the insulation by blowing allows depositing a large layer of insulation (sometimes more than 30 centimeters), which will creep everywhere and therefore offer excellent thermal insulation.
  • The price: the attic insulation by blowing is very economical in comparison with other methods.

Are you looking for other solutions to insulate attics or the roof? Discover all there is to know to isolate a roof by consulting an expert. Professionals in your area calculate your attic insulation work for free.

The price of blow insulation

Blow insulation rates are generally quite attractive. But it’s better to compare the quotes so as to avoid excessive prices. Here are some indications on the budget to provide:

What does the cost of blow insulation depend on?

The rates we offer will depend on different factors:

  • The surface to be insulated: calculate the price of insulation by blowing per m2. The larger the surface, the higher the price.
  • Ease of Access: Blow insulation will be less expensive if it can be done from inside the house. If you have to access the roof, the price will be slightly higher.

Finally, keep in mind that each insulation company applies its own rates. Hence the interest to compare!

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