How Much Safe an Asthma Patient is From COVID-19

COVID-19 is the supreme news in the globe at present. Near to 202 nations are fighting with this deadly virus that has already taken the life of near to 200 thousand people and have laid down to the bed to 100 times that number. The effect of the virus has crumbled the economy of the entire world and taken that to at least 30-40 years back condition, but still, no government of these nations is able to take the risk to allow normal life leading, for the threat of the virus.

The statistics, the effect, and the governments’ strand on the occasion are enough to state how much a deadly creature this Corona Virus is. But do you know that asthma patients are having a bigger threat to the virus?

Asthma Patient

The nature of the virus and its attacking style and consideration of asthma conditions will help you relate the two ailments quite easily. Hence go for that now –

Nature of COVID-19

COVID-19 is the virus that has changed itself with time, place, and weather conditions so rapidly that doctors, scientists, and all the experts are biting their nails on the case. They are not even finding any clue of the virus, but have pointed out the end signals of the ailment.

The early symptoms are changing a lot from nation to nation, from places to places, and from months to months. While the earlier notification was a fever, the same has changed a lot to the next days and now in certain cases, there are no symptoms visible too. In other instances, pink eyes are coming on, headaches, and aches on body parts and other things that are adding them up in the symptom list of the virus. However, the end notification or the final symptom of the virus or the effect of troubling a human till death is more or less the same.

The patients are finding the supply of oxygen less to their pharynx and then to the lungs. Gradually the lungs fall scanty of breathing air and the patient falls to the lap of death. Won’t you find this symptom equivalent to that of asthma?

Relation with asthma 

In case of asthma too, you find the trouble to get oxygen to your lungs. The lung’s inner wall swells up and the pressure is exerted on the blood, the heart, and the kidneys. Thanks to the Asthalin inhaler online that the asthma patients can have a good sleep at night, but to be very much frank, this is not the case now.

The COVID-19 is a threat to the asthma patients and they are much more vulnerable to the ailment than the others. Like the older people who are above 65, asthma patients are also having high chances that they will be developing COVID-19, and the most important thing here is that the Asthalin inhaler online is not going to work for you here.

The speed of engulfing the lungs in case of asthma and in case of COVID-19 is not the same, where the second one is so much rapid that even the doctors are finding it hard to struggle with the patients.

The final thing is in the wild nature of the virus with a super attacking speed and action. The virus has remained too much dynamic in nature. The same thing has made the virus to be unexplored and untamed even after 6 months of the outbreak.

What to do 

So, you can well understand that only with Asthalin inhaler and Ketosteril Tablets online you are not going to fight the virus, although that is very much similar to that of your asthma. The basic difference in your asthma and _ is the rapid change and super speed in the outbreak. Hence the thing that you can do to remain safe in this condition is here –

  • Have your mask, as has been mentioned by the government of yours
  • Be safe by maintaining a safe distance from another human, both in your house and also outside your house, as COVID-19 won’t consider family members or relatives by any means.
  • And of course, get in touch with your doctor over a call or email and get the necessary suggestion that he will be suggesting you take extra protection during the time.

Hence, the thing that you will have to understand here is that you cannot remain safe with your inhaler alone in this stage from COVID-19 if you are having asthma. Hence, the thing that you must do is to get in touch with your doctor over the phone and take the suggestion. Stay safe with your masks on and with your gloves on, if you are at your work and also follow the guidelines that your government is stating you to remain safe from the drastic virus. And finally, there is no vaccine of the virus in the market at present and will have to struggle a lot with extreme fear, unless a vaccine is explored.