Artificial intelligence and machine learning are currently taking the tech world by storm.
Though the two terms are not unknown to many tech-savvy people, many of them don’t have clear understanding of these mean. Many use these two words interchangeably and it is utterly wrong. They are not the same but are closely related to each other.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, popularly referred to as AI, has several definitions that you can easily
found on the internet. But one definition that clearly tells about what artificial intelligence is all about is, “AI is the ability of a computer program to think and function like a human brain”

In other words, AI means to replicate the way any human brain thinks and functions. The
scientists are yet to establish artificial intelligence though they are very close to it. The reason why the researchers are still not successful in establishing AI properly is several aspects of human brain are unknown. One of the best examples of AI is Sophia. It is the most advanced model with AI till date.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a part of AI. Before discussing about machine learning, we will talk
about data mining, another important concept. Data mining refers to a technique of scanning an existing database and filtering new information from the same. Machine learning is, therefore, a data mining technique that works at a blistering speed.

A basic and popular definition of machine learning found on the internet is, “Machine
Learning is a technique of parsing data, learn from that data and then apply what they have learned to make an informed decision”

These days, many leaning companies make a good use of machine learning to deliver a far
better user experience. For example, Amazon is using machine learning to provide their
customers with better product recommendations based on their taste and preferences. Netflix also uses machine learning to offer their users improved suggestions as to the shows, TV series or movies that they would love watching.

Deep Learning

Deep learning is, technically, machine learning and a subset of the same. Though equipped with different capabilities, it functions the same way machine learning does.

There are subtle differences between machine learning and deep learning. Machine learning models need some guidance but become improved gradually. It is the programmer’s responsibility to correct the errors returned by a machine learning model whereas, a deep learning model can rectify the error by itself. The best example of machine learning is automatic car driving system.

Why common people tend to associate artificial intelligence with machine learning and deep learning?

Both machine learning and deep learning are an excellent way of establishing artificial
intelligence. In other words, by using both deep learning and machine learning intelligently, the researchers can achieve artificial intelligence in future. However, you should keep in mind that these three are closely related to each other but it is not right to use these interchangeably.

We hope we’re not far away from the day when AI will finally make a transition from
research to commercialization.

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