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An Extensive Idea About Pelleve Surgical Procedure

A new type of treatment for the purpose of skin tightening is known as the Pelleve treatment. This type of procedure is also known as the collagen activation. This is an advanced technological method that uses the radiofrequency energy and delivers it to dermal tissues. It helps in inducing the contraction of collagen without causing any kind of damage to the epidermis.

The Medical Aspect Of The Pelleve Treatment:

This procedure helps in improving the texture and quality of the skin while tightening the skin. The Pelleve surgical procedure is a scientifically approved procedure that is being increasingly recommended by several dermatologists. In this technique the electromagnetic waves is the form of energy that is emitted through the RF technology. This energy creates a zone of heated treatment due to the increased resistance at the junction of subdermal.

The collagen contraction and collagen denaturation is induced using that particular heat. The stimulation of protein results in the production and formation of new collagen in the dermis and results in the epidermal tightening. A superficial epidermis tightening along with the tightening of subcutaneous fat make this Pelleve surgical procedure extremely successful

The different types of areas that can be improved by using this surgical procedure are:

  1. The improvement in neck wrinkles
  2. The improvement of chest wrinkles
  3. The improvement of the wrinkle formation around eyes
  4. The mile and moderate improvement of facial, particularly forehead wrinkles
  5. The improvement of neck laxity
  6. Overall facial laxity improvement
  7. The Jowl sagginess improvement
  8. The improvement of the smile lines

There are certain cosmetic procedures that are often recommended to accompany the Pelleve treatment such as facelift, Botox treatment, Lower and upper eyelid blepharoplasty, the laser skin resurfacing, the use of injection fillers which also includes fat transfer.

Clinical Reassurance of Pelleve Surgical Procedure:

Patients often have certain reservations when it comes to any kind of dermatological surgical treatment. This is why having a detailed consultation with a doctor is suggested as it can ease any type of uncertainties or queries. In a Pelleve surgical procedure, the doctor will always create a follow up procedure and plan that suits the requirement of the patient. Visiting doctors that use delicate and skin-friendly method will help and support the healing process in a much better manner.

These procedures are often conducted in certified and private clinics with complete supervision of doctors and nurses for assistance and recovery period. The duration of the surgery depends on the area and extent of the treatment. It takes around one hour for a full-face treatment and fifteen minutes or less for a smaller area of treatment.

The treatment does not require the patient to go under any form of anaesthesia because it is virtually and completely painless. Patients often refer to this treatment as a form of facial warm massage. It is often referred to as a non-surgical form of treatment due to the simplicity of the procedure because unlike other surgeries that have recovery duration, there is no need for such time in this treatment.

The only effect is that the patient might experience mild swelling and pinking of the areas in which the treatment was conducted. People can get back to daily and regular activities following this treatment. After a few hours of relaxation and breathing period, make up can also be applied onto it. The simplicity of the treatment makes it perfect for people who have a daily working schedule. This treatment can be easily fit under their working hours as they can get back to their normal lives as soon as the treatment is over.