Black Men

Stereotypes are formed against black men all over the world which makes it difficult for them to live in a society. Everyone gets intimidated by black men because of their looks and appearance in public spaces. It was also discussed by Brent Staples who is an African American. He had to face a lot of incidents where people discriminated against him just because of his skin tone. He narrated the example of a white woman who started running away into a street for no other reason than his appearance.

The perception of people about black men is not something that is formed today but it has been a decade since black men are being looked down upon. White people quite easily associate criminal activities with black men as if they are any less human. When it comes to the ‘public space’, it is supposed to be shared by everyone but that doesn’t seem true for black men even in today’s modern world. The demonstration of Staples’ struggles makes it quite clear that it is not easy to live in a world of people who are not ready to accept black men as humans.

The result of such stereotypes is drastic which affects the lives of individuals regardless of their color, sex, religion, and race. It is important to be careful with our thought processes, behaviors, and attitudes to prevent our perceptions to get imposed on others. If we cannot change the way we think or judge black men, how come it is possible to create a better world for minorities as well? The world we live in keeps all of us in high alert to prevent any harm. A wrong perception or judgment is quite enough to make you feel insecure or unprotected from the other person. If you are the type of person who judges people based on their appearance or skin tone, you cannot even stop anyone else from judging you the same way.

Since it is not okay to assume or generalize all black men as a threat, it is also not fair to consider all white men or women as someone who makes such judgments. Staples also narrated his good experiences with white men or women who trusted him or helped him in so many different ways. So, the life of a black man might not all about experiencing bad behaviors or attitudes of others. But that doesn’t negate the fact or concern that black men aren’t being accepted fully. It shows that the writer is quite confident in his beliefs and observations of racism which he has experienced himself. He is getting connected with a vast audience to make them understand how it feels like to be a black man in public space.

To sum up, this essay writing examples, all black men are not dangerous so they shouldn’t be seen as a threat to anyone or anything. They should be set free to act and live the way they want in a public space without being responsible for giving a sense of security to others who judge them.