Best Amenities to Look for in a Luxury Boutique

When we consider going to luxury boutiques, we expect the best quality products and services offered to us for the amount we pay. If you’re running a luxury boutique and don’t know what amenities are of necessity to make your guests stay satisfactory, then here are some information on a few items that you can provide your guests with!

Luxury Boutique


The first thing the guest will want to do is lie down on the bed. It is necessary to provide your guests with the best quality mattresses, bedsheets, and pillows. It is quite important that the mattress you provide your guests with is nothing but comfortable, you don’t want to be responsible for any backaches caused. Especially since the people who can afford to stay at your luxury boutique are definitely capable of suing you. We don’t want that now do we?


The basics that need to be provided are toiletries. It is important that the brands of toiletries you provide are of good quality and more importantly, smells great. Many boutiques make the mistake of providing their guests with the tiniest shampoo, conditioner, body wash bottles, that the majority of people with long hair find frustrating because they know that these tiny bottles aren’t going to be enough for their hair, therefore, that is definitely something you need to take into consideration.

Another important thing luxury boutiques should provide are facial cleansers, not many use a bar of soap to wash their faces anymore. Facial cleansers are the new norm, it’s about time that these luxury boutiques get on board. Also, having the right towel is a big must. For instance, providing your guests with nice Turkish towels that are strong and have smooth cotton threads would definitely leave a good impression.


The basic amenities the room should have are TV, mini bar and telephones. Televisions that are provided should come with proper cable channels, your guests are here on holiday and they’d like to enjoy watching a couple of TV programs during the day. The mini bar should come fully equipped, with snacks, drinks, and liquor. Telephones should be placed next to the bed, where the guest can reach it. One thing that most of the luxury boutiques can’t seem to get right is the placement of the electrical adapters.

Placing the electrical adapters next to the bed near the bedside cabinet is crucial. We live in era that is all about using their handphones, resulting in having to constantly charge it and many guests prefer to not walk up and down each time they hear their message tone go off. This era also can’t function without Wi-Fi, therefore boutique having its own Wi-Fi would be an added advantage.

These are some of the basic problems faced by guests, that should be looked into. Then we have the very obvious things that luxury boutiques must offer. These are laundry, ironing facilities and most importantly room service to name a few. Make these few changes in your boutique and your business should do just fine.

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