Amazon Affixes an Uber Clone App for Freight Services

Amazon Affixes an Uber Clone App

Amazon, the online shopping giant is one of the most favorite and reputed online stores. The online store is known as one-stop-shop, which means it avails any item and goods with amazing deals on exceptional prices. As days roll by with an enhancement on technology development each day, the online store also finds an upsurge in its position. People have changed their minds to online shopping from traditional shopping. Amazon has worked in diligence to make this change happen.

Now Amazon has come across many countries around the world and prevails a vivid footing in the very province it had commenced. About seventy-two people around the world that prefer online shopping have Amazon as a first priority. This is because Amazon recommends products and services at a lower price with better quality. They started to embrace their authenticity and build their popularity, business and reputation more.

Amazon has become the majority of people’s choice, as a result, the store also wanted to show up enhancement for the ease and comfort of its habitués. The online store has many more customizations to attract more purchasers to its site. They have added a few attributes recently like personalizing the customer’s e-mails, self-support services, etc.

Apart from the customization of the application, they have also taken serious steps on improving customer services. And one of them was adding a truck application for the shipping network services. This idea is primarily appealing to the drivers and trucking companies. Let’s get into deeper a study about the story of Amazon adding up a trucking application.

What is the central theme of it?

The online shopping store has geared up with new strategies like a set of ideas and logistics in order to aids it’s drivers related to the shipping department and the small trucking companies. The small trucking companies follow a procedure that is time-consuming and a little tedious. Having an application like Uber for their trucking facilities is very advantageous for the workers implicitly. And also from the point of the organization which offers free shipping charges for many products and spends more on transportation of goods.

Though they make a profit out of all these hurdles, the store planned to lessen their burden over shipping ideas. So developing an application for shipping can save them about $1.1 billion of money. And it’s even more authentic and hassle-free if they themselves handle the shipping process rather than acquiring other small companies for this purpose. The application also has a lot of integrations like lowering the expenses, helping out the driver over directing the right directions and truck stop options.

What is expedient over this new plan?

The central idea of this concept says it all. It is efficient for the organization to run everything from them without expecting a middle man in-between them. They can save about fifteen percent of the money which gets to be the charges for the shipping truck they have hired from an external organization. Eventually, the entire shipping process becomes different and speeds up the time than it used to take than earlier.

The idea started to emerge and structured for one huge reason that the company wants to get much involved in the delivery process by itself. The reason is the delivery cycle largely depends upon huge paperwork and phone call conversations with their clients or end-users. This is basically handled by a third-party who takes this as a contract and charges the company with an exorbitant fee structure. The organization initially abided to pay with all the charges because had no other better option for safe handling and delivery to its customers.

But now the organization plans to implement the application into progress as it sounds to be a better idea than these third-party contracts. The application is said to launch this summer, a few more modifications have to be done to get the application completely ready. The trucking application also seems to show a lot of hype even before it’s about to get launched and considerably in competition with the startup application which is already at the market.

About the team and its creative head

The team for this project is working intensely to make it a grander success and they are widespread among the cities Seattle, Minneapolis and other countries’ offices located in India. Since the application has a demand and huge hype even before it’s gotta release, the team makes a point to keep their strategies a bit confidential. As we know that the project is going to be launched shortly, the team is also done with it but workings with it to render a good finishing.

A few sources reveal that the company is planning to hire a hundred more software engineers for their organization to work on this project this year. The Minneapolis city has become more crucial to this project and the organization is planning to build a separate division on transportation technology and opened up a job opening for the post of Principal Product manager who holds a software engineer tag on him. Analysis from the sources results it’s clear that the company is planning for something which is gotta hit the online market and store.

Amazon is a step ahead of its contenders

According to another survey, Amazon spends about $800 billion just on shipping the products to its customers. This is not marked in the loss listicle. They gain more than how much they lose. But the point is they want to make the process efficient and bring a wholesome of money apart from investing it over shipping.

The startups over trucking application do say that the application is doing well but for a drawback that it takes a long time for the application to pick up in business since the companies owning this application are smaller in size and that makes the logistics grow slow. Though there twenty-nine states who got used to this trucking application and believe that they would increase their logistics sooner.

When it comes to Amazon this is not a big deal at all. These factors would largely affect only the companies which run a small business with a few trucks. For a giant shipping network like Amazon, it’s not tough to arrange all this stuff. They can find an enormous match for drivers and negotiate with the vehicles is also easy for this organization. So Amazon has no huge threats to the new concept of the application. They can easily get through the hurdles which the already existing startup applications have been through and Amazon can rapidly make it to the top positions among the other trucking applications.

The future trucking application turns a rival to Uber

The trucking application is yet to get into the market. Though there are startups that fear on its launch there is another big shot at the same stream which would be a huge competition to the upcoming Amazon’s application over shipping services and that is none other the giant ride servicing online transportation network. Uber is already well-known for its cab services and also deals with the shipping of products for other online shopping retailers through trucks. This is going to be a challenge for Uber once the trucking application associated with Amazon comes into the market.

Bottom line

Trucks are an essential part of the shipping economy. It is a crucial part of the processing of online shopping. Due to this reason, the charges from the organization which entirely run through trucks are huge and expensive. It’s a good decision taken by the administration of Amazon to start by them with the shipping network. And the idea seems to be safe and hassle-free also. The application is yet to come to the market. So to those who are third-party brokers for the shipping network out there, get ready Amazon coming up with a bang!