which is a top school near sector 31 Gurgaon


Whenever parents want to get their child admitted in a school they hunt for the best schools in their area. However, not always are they able to find the right school because some schools charge heavy donation for admitting children. There’s a huge line of parents hoping for their child to seek admission in the right school of their choice. It is a tragedy of our country that we have to hunt for schools and pay heavy donation for making the children of our country study. Schools have become profit making organisations who are bent upon sucking the blood of the parents. Apart from the exorbitant fees that they charge, they also ask money here and there from their students for making things like an elevator or newspapers or constructions. The fees is meant to cover school expenses like these. But they charge extra and poor parents do it because otherwise their children suppressed in schools.

school 1

The government should keep a check on this and should ask the schools not to increase such expenses which are not necessary. It is a troublesome activity and pressurizes the innocent public. Just like schools, hospitals are also money making institutions. But there are top schools near sector 31 Gurgaon which are good.

However, Rishi Public school which is a top school near sector 31 Gurgaon, does not do all these things. It makes sure that it doesn’t charge donations for admissions. It tries to be transparent in all its connections with parents and students. They bear their expenses through the fees submitted by their parents. Parents work hard day and night to submit their child’s fees and schools become such blood sucking monster that it’s not justified that their child is studying there.

Schools in Gurgaon

Schools in Gurgaon are known for being great in teaching processes and extracurricular activities. They have ample space and have green playgrounds, state-or-the-art facilities, and basketball and volleyball courts. It is a sheer charm to look at them. The students are also well versed in all art forms thanks to their teachers. They are good at debating, delivering speeches, sports, arts, dance, drama, singing and other activities. Schools in other states should also try to be like the ones in Gurgaon. They have good faculty members, modern labs, book stores, libraries, spacious classrooms and so on.

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Parents’ view

Some parents are of the view that everyone should put their kids in schools in Gurgaon. Many of them want to put their child in Rishi Public School which is a popular school in sector 31. Rishi Public School is good towards its students. They never suck the blood out of parents. They make sure that parents don’t have to spend extra on their child’s education. They also try to help the poor and needy. It is great on their part that they do all this. The management is very understanding and helpful. They never spoil their school’s reputation by doing wrong things. They are morally sound and parents have great hopes from them. This school is getting very popular among parents. The students try to help the school in doing charity events and help make their environment better by planting trees and taking care of them

They go for inter-school competitions so that they can excel in all fields whether science and technology, mathematics, history, English, Hindi, Sanskrit and so on. Parents feel proud to see their kids excelling in all walks of life. Rishi Public School also conducts moral education classes and moral education quizzes so that they can inculcate good values and teachings within their students.


So as we have read, we need to understand that schools in Gurgaon are better in comparison to other states for some reasons but the other states also possibly have good schools we don’t know about. The best part is that students are benefitting from them and parents are also happy. Schools are institutions of learning and they should be treated like places of worship. In the truest sense, the management also should not make it money minded and should treat it as a place of worship. Only when the whole society comes together to offer quality education, then only can a country flourish and prosper. It is unfortunate that we see the negative aspects of it more, but there are positive elements to it too and therefore those should be taken into account. Let us pledge to keep our schools clean morally as well as physically.

It will be a great pleasure for the students to do so. Our students are our future. So they should be made to understand the importance of things right from the start. This will enable them to respect those and work for the betterment of the world. They will evolve into excellent persons of stature.