All You Need To Know About The National Girl Child Day

National Girl Child Day

Every year, National Girl Child day is celebrated on the 24th of January, to observe the day for the girl child. This was started to offer new opportunities and more support to the girls in the country. it’s celebrated to lift awareness regarding all the inequalities sweet-faced by the woman kid within the society. Inequality about girls includes many things like inequality in legal rights, education, nutrition, protection, medical care, honor, child marriage and so many. 

This day holds tons of history, objectives, significance, and importance during this fight for equality in India. National girl child Day celebrations are centered on raising awareness on the issues that the woman kid continues to face in today’s time, from feminine foeticide to child marriages and a lot of. It is believed that since ancient times, girls have been facing violence and discrimination in every aspect of life. Now, it is time to give them their rights. The Indian government has made several amendments and brought several acts in the constitution to bring equality in society. 


In 2008, National Girl Child Day was first introduced by the Ministry of Women and Child Development. The main aim behind is to promote awareness including the rights of a girl child, to highlight the inequalities faced by girls, the importance of education, health, and nutrition. Nowadays gender discrimination is a major issue that women or girls face throughout their whole life.

It is very important to remove the different types of social exploitation and discrimination that women generally face. To raise awareness about the necessity of the girl’s right in society, various community and political leaders spoke to the public about the girls right for equal fundamental and education freedoms.


  1. To make folks attentive to all the inequalities sweet-faced by ladies within the country.
  2. To promote awareness regarding the rights a woman kid possesses.
  3. To enhance awareness on the importance of women’s education, health, and nutrition.


Women had suffered at the hands of society’s rules and rules since yesteryear, from the traditional practices of Sati, wherever a widow would get to burn herself alive on the pile of her dead husband, to kid wedding, dowry, gender difference. and that we all acumen girls are treated in alternative areas too. Time and house hadn’t been sterilized considering the ways that we have a tendency to treat womanhood. 

The Indian Government has started National woman kid Day to bring equality in society as a campaign. This campaign aims to form folks attentive to ladies across the country. Also, its objective is to tell society that girls have an equal contribution to building society. People from all walks of life are made and included aware that girls also have the right to make decisions about their life.

Therefore, every child in the country may be a boy or girl and is the future of the country and important for us. Girls must be treated equally and will get all the opportunities in our society for the welfare of the country as an entire.