EaseUS Todo Backup Software

EaseUS Todo Backup Free(免費資料備份) is a disk imaging backup software which is free to use. It is an award-winning software with more than 20000000 users who are happy with the data security offered by it. You can easily and safely backup, clone, and recover/restore your data using this software.

Features & Functions Of EaseUS Todo Backup Freeware

  • It can easily backup your data in order to protect it.
  • Scheduling of backup is also very easy with this software.
  • You can clone any partition or disk on your computer using this software/program.
  • It clones the disk sector-by-sector without affecting the original data.
  • With this software, you can easily make a safe recovery of your lost data or the whole system from the stored/saved backup whenever there are situations like an unexpected system crash, etc.
  • Schedule backups (differential, incremental, and full) are very well supported on Windows.
  • And, it takes only 5 minutes to set the automatic backup irrespective of whether it is the backup of a file, partition, or the whole system.
  • Creating copies of folders or individual files (with different formats) is also what it can do very well.
  • It can also make a backup of the data shared on a network.
  • Making a backup of the whole system to some other location is possible with this program.
  • Block-level disk imaging technology is the technology that it comes with.

Process To Create A Backup With EaseUS Todo Backup Software

When it comes to the process that you need to follow in order to backup your data with the EaseUS free backup software, it comprises of a few simple steps, as mentioned below:

Step1: Select the partition or disk

The very first step that you need to take in your process to backup your system to another place using the EaseUs Todo Backup software is to select the partition or disk where you are going to store your backup. Then target the location in the disk where you have to store your backup files. And, then schedule your backup with the required details.

EaseUS Todo Backup Software

Step2: Backup your system

In the next step, you need to proceed with the backup process for your current system in order to create a safe copy of it.

EaseUS Todo Backup Software

Step3: File Backup

Now you have to make a WinPE/Linux bootable CD/DVD/USB so that it can be possible for you to restart the file from it.

EaseUS Todo Backup Software

Step4: Cloning the partition

Finally, select the partition or disk as your source and clone it to your targeted partition or disk. And, that’s it.

EaseUS Todo Backup Software

Final Words

EaseUS Data backup software also offers a paid version (named as “Home Edition”) apart from its free version (named as “Free Edition”). In the home edition, you will get some advanced backup options or features that are missing in the free edition.

EaseUS Todo Backup Software

Some of the important features like clone system, smart backup, email notification, wipe disk partition, outlook email recovery & backup, etc are some of the important features that you will get only in the home edition. You can also have a try with the free trial of “Home Edition” before making a buying decision.

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