school canopies“This article explains all about Verosol Silverscreen fabric. It also talks about how this fabric will help in the schools and also provides the readers with an economical option”.

Verosol’s Silverscreen has an ultra-fine aluminum layer; it is semitransparent which helps in providing an excellent view of the outside while helping in controlling the entry of sunlight in the room. It offers glare control so you can watch your favorite movie without any problems. It offers solar reflectance of 82%. This fabric is preferred by architects and interior decorators alike. Verosol Silverscreen is one of the best performing fabrics in the world.

If you are planning to install curtains and blinds, and if you are looking for a fabric that not only controls the amount of sunlight that enters the room but also helps in keeping the room temperature stable if you are looking for a fabric that allows you to see the view outside then you should opt for Verosol Silverscreen England.

No matter what the color of the fabric is inside, from the outside everything looks uniform because of the metalized backing. It helps in keeping the heat out during the summer months and it prevents the loss of heat during the winter months. Silverscreen is an energy-efficient fabric that is an ideal choice if you are in England.

Features of Verosol Silverscreen

* These are made using the best grade raw materials.

* Offer an amazing vision of the outside.

* It reduces the heat and glare during the summer months.

* It is an excellent solution for saving energy.

* It offers solar reflectance of 82%

* It is made using PVC coated fiberglass yarn which makes it flame retardant

* This fabric is ideal for Roman blinds, Panel Glides, and Roller blinds.

* It is low on maintenance.

Verosol Silverscreen for Schools

Verosol Silver screen is one of the best solutions for your curtains and blinds. If you operate a school in England, then you can opt for these silver screen so that the classrooms remain cool in the summer months and warm during the winter months. Children will love the environment created by this fabric. You can also install school canopies that will provide the kids with an extra space to work or play in. If you are looking for quality school canopies, then you can browse through the web and find a vast number of companies that are offering curtain tracks and school canopies in England.

Economical option

If in case you find that the price of Verosol Silverscreen fabric is too high, then you can opt for other similar products that will give you similar results. OmniaScreen is very similar to the silver screen. This fabric can be used in roller blinds, panel glide blinds, ShadeTech, and Draper. It offers 74% reflectance, unlike the silver screen. It is one of the best fabrics in its price range. It is made with the same metallization process as aerosol Silverscreen. OmniaScreen also allows the user to see the view outside and help in controlling the temperature of the room.

So, now that you know all about Silverscreen and its cheaper variant; go ahead and make your decision. It will be best if you invest some money in these fabrics because, in the long run, these fabrics will help you save a lot of energy and thereby will help you save money.

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