The purpose of the “ A Course in Miracles” is to experience the awakening in mind and the presence of love. It does not teach the meaning of love instead of that it helps in removing the obstacles to the awareness of the presence of love. A Course in Miracles Workbook lessons help you to attain the spirituality.

It aims at your natural inheritance that is beyond what can be taught. You must be wondering what is A Course in Miracles  and what is the purpose? Its purpose is to encounter a consistent adventure of peace in the mind by connecting with the truth.  The motive of “ A Course in Miracles” is to live the principles of things, including intellectual concepts such as knowing, being, identity, time and space. Live the philosophy and guidelines of the practical applications.

As we fully experience the meaning of the oneness and divine love, our mind leaps into a new way of living. Everything we do is based on the purpose of “ The peace of the God”. “ miracles are natural’. when they do not happen, something has happened in the wrong way. The purpose of “ A Course in Miracles” is to learn how to focus on the promise of the miracle in the existing moment.

To attain or experience the peace of mind, the spiritual community is a fast track. It is how we learn to forgive other people. It does not mean we will not see the errors but being miracle-minded we put aside the errors and push people forward. Deepening the trust and inspiration, we perpetually facilitate the experience of forgiveness by using guidelines of “ no private thoughts” and “ no people peasing”.

When we recognize that we are wishing something else than peace of mind, w can choose again. The levels of mind push us inward to be different from what we consider at present, that does not help us to attain the peace of mind and divine love. Forgiveness must imply a complete re-translation to your beliefs and considerations.

The metaphysics of “A Course in Miracles” provides devoted comfort for the heart and uncompromised truth for the mind that is annoyed with illusion, confusion, and position. To bring true happiness and long-lasting peace to you, you have to get rid of those false beliefs that keep you safe and happy. Transfer of essential training is necessary for an accurate experience of peace. To heal the mind and undo the ego the spiritual training is essential and “A Course in Miracles” is the way to attain it.

The workbook trains your mind in a systematic way to experience the different interpretations of everyone and everything in the world. The Workbook aims at the exercises that increase your ability to enlarge the ideas of your mind towards everything. You are never alone, God’s angels float around you. His love surrounds you that never leaves you comfortless.

“A Course in Miracles” paves the way to us to come out of the oblivion and push people forward around you as well. That prevails real and lasting happiness.