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Alabama Football: Is Crimson Tide Era Of Dominance Over?

Alabama FootballThe massive loss may portend a new reality for the team. The tide rule may not have come to an end; however, the dominance seems to be over. 

The Alabama fans can badmouth the South end zone of Jordan-Hare stadium. That is where Crimson Tide field goals perish as they have lost the Iron Bowl two times in the last six years. The authorities launched the Kick Six tournament from that end zone in 2013. 

Joe No, too, has taken place there; Joe Bulovas are doing the upright on a tying field goal attempt from around thirty yards out and approximately two minutes remaining, making way for a 48-45 Auburn triumph.

The fans of the Alabama team can lament the two pick-six interceptions quarterback Mac Jones hurled, ruining an impressive performance delivered by the person who spent nine games in backing up star QB TuaTagovailoa. One player was a 29 yarder on an overthrow during the first half. 

The other player was a massive 100-yarder in the 3rd quarter that officially changed the wild game’s course. That one bounced away from the back of Najee Harris- the one to receive it into the catch of Zakoby McClain. That was a cakewalk that Auburn accepted happily. 

Alabama fans can regret their team’s final flag sealing the game, i.e., the thirteen penalties for 96 yards. Nick Saban stated that the game was an unfair play due to the duplicity by counterpart Gus Malzahn by sending punter Arryn Siposs on the field as a wide receiver and stupefying the Crimson Tide into believing that there are twelve men on the ground.

The fans of the Alabama team can marvel how their team could lose the games twice in which the Tide scored forty points, scoring 41 and giving up 46 to LSU, then two more than that to the Tigers. The 46 was the highest a team of Alabama coached by Saban allowed. That point lasted for three weeks. 

The fans of the Alabama team need to accept the above in total. It means that the 10-2 Crimson Tide is not competent. Alabama has lost its place and will take time to reach there back. 

In the six years duration, for the first time, the college football playoff will take place without the Tide. Since 2013, for the first time, this sport will go for consecutive years without Alabama winning. Since 2010, for the first time, Alabama has lost to Auburn and SEC West rivals LSU in the same season. 

This season there was some bad luck; the loss of All-American linebacker Dylan Moses and Tagovailoa late before the season robbed the Tide of its most competent player on both sides of the ball. On Saturday there were some crazy circumstances; a 100-yard interception return of a ball that bounced off a player’s back and landed neatly into the hands of a defensive player; the final second of the first half was controversial in which Auburn left the field goal, the clock should have done with the time, however. 

There is a saying that in football, there are flukes and injuries; however, they are excuses. The truth is that Alabama Saban genetics are fading away. 

The most reputed defensive coach in the history of football has observed his team giving up 34, 44, 46, and 48 points in the last four competitions against Top twenty opponents. The first total was to Oklahoma in the playoff semifinals in the previous season; the second one was to Clemson in the ultimate. The other two are there in this season. Until now, this Alabama defense is relinquishing 18.8 points in each game; this has been the most since 2007, i.e., during Saban’s first year at the school.

The most reliable coach of the current time has notes his team losing its performance. The Alabama team arrived in the game nationally, ranking 116th. This situation was never heard for a Saban-coached Tide team. It was later flagged for a season-high number of infractions and amount of yardage. 

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To Conclude

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