WhatsApp's Privacy Policy Latest Update

The upper question has become a concern nowadays. Apart from that question arises, what Facebook can gather information from WhatsApp, and should we have to look at the different solutions for social media. WhatsApp has become so trending nowadays among youngsters and even adults. Every information now and then is transferred through WhatsApp in milliseconds to the other person even living in another city or even another country.

 WhatsApp has created so many new things not only for ourselves and even for the people and the messages were end to end encrypted and even people have also found it a better technique for communication. But now the new policy of WhatsApp is updated and people are facing a lot of questions and doubts since then. There is a clarification on its privacy policy update.

Yes, WhatsApp has made a distinction between private and business messages so what are those updates for a few days? It was a very great concern. It was also clarified that business messages are different from messaging with your family or friends. It can also be read by Facebook and could be used for marketing purposes. The latest discussion now brings what seems differentiation between messages and messages with the business. The previous policies will remain unchanged.

Neither Facebook nor WhatsApp can see your private messages or hear your calls and read your messages. They are provided by end-to-end encryption and will be continued to do so.

 WhatsApp will not keep any logs of anyone messaging or calling because it is considered as a data dump and is a kind of privacy and security check WhatsApp even cannot see the location that you are sharing. WhatsApp does not share a user’s contact with Facebook. No data from your WhatsApp will be shared to Facebook for even the purpose of communication if you are a member of RAW, a school group there is nothing to worry about.

 What are business messages, business messages are those messages that are used for business purposes because there is an interplay between WhatsApp and Facebook? Facebook, its parent company becomes more visible when it comes to messages and the new privacy changes apply. WhatsApp clarified that some large businesses might require to use secure hosting services from Facebook to handle chats with their users, answer questions. Also, they can send a piece of helpful information and whether you communicate with the business by phone email, or WhatsApp. It can see what you are saying and then use that information for its marketing purposes which may include advertising on Facebook but WhatsApp says it will clearly label conversation with the business that are chosen to use hosting services from Facebook. 

Even though it will be already visible to you that you are communicating or you are having a conversation with the business and the details will be used for the target ads using the shop features that will be available on WhatsApp. It could also be open up to the preferences so clearly, business messaging which WhatsApp has it gradually activity across many markets. So only business messages will be shown. It has not declared the usage of the private things of the people, your conversation as encrypted so neither your Facebook nor your WhatsApp can be discussed about it.