Gorilla Trekking

In case you wish to witness the full glory of animals, you should not be wasting your time in the innumerable zoos spread all over the world. You should be right there with the animals in their habitat. You would not find a better experience in the world than interacting with them at close quarters. You will be able to do Gorilla trekking and be amidst them for a whole day. The 7-day Uganda safari has this attraction and much more. You will be able to experience the time of your life during the seven days.

Things, one should know about the Gorilla:

Closest to Man

In the entire animal kingdom, the Gorilla is the one closest to Man in many respects. You can find many similar mannerisms between man and the king of the apes. You can judge this from the manner in which they take care of their family, especially their young offspring.


However, in comparison with the Man, they are huge creatures with tremendous power. The strange fact is that in spite of their huge size, they are extremely shy animals. They never court any trouble from their side. However, if they foresee some harm to their offspring, these gorillas are capable of giving a tough fight to any animal in the forest.

Build new nest everyday

These mountain gorillas do not have a fixed home as such. They are wandering nomads building new nests every day. You would be able to witness these nests during your Gorilla trekking tour.

Mock Fights

Just like the Man, the male gorilla is in charge of their large group, extending to over 30 animals. The males indulge in many mock fights by standing up on their hind legs and beating their chests while roaring with all their might. This can send the shivers down the spine of any prospective attacker.


You would be surprised that the gorilla of this size is a vegetarian animal. The second interesting thing is that the gorillas do not much water at all during their entire lifetime. They procure the water from the food they consume.

Baby Gorillas

The female gorillas are able to conceive only three times a month. They give birth to only one offspring at a time. You can see the young gorilla to be a weak animal. It takes a lot of time to become the strong ape that one usually expects them to be.

Don’t have too many enemies

The African jungle is a huge place. You would be able to judge the same when you go on the Rwanda gorilla tour. However, you will be surprised to learn that the gorilla does not have many enemies. The man who pays a lot for viewing the gorilla at such close quarters during the Uganda Gorilla safari is the principal enemy of the gorilla. In spite of it being so, the gorillas remain docile when in the company of man during his sojourn in the jungle. This proves that the gorilla might be a fantastic host. Other than the Man, the leopard and the crocodile are the only two enemies of the gorilla.