Acrylic domes are supplied by Talbot Designs to cater to your individual demands. There is a complete range for you to choose from, so don’t hesitate to find out how you can benefit from an acrylic plastic dome today!

Talbot Designs’Acrylic Domes


The design of an acrylic dome is left in your capable hands. Whatever you want or need, Talbot Designs will create. Although all acrylic domes are crystal clear, Talbot Designs guarantee that they are never replicated… only imitated.


“Teddy” is a widely recognized clear acrylic dome that is designed to offer the best shape, it’s available to order at Talbot Designs today. As the UK’s leading supplier of acrylic designs and domes, Talbot Designs has a certificate of quality which shows that they have the ability to handle the most complex designs!


The acrylic domes are softer than glass but harder than polycarbonate domes, offering excellent impact resistance, so you needn’t worry about your acrylic plastic dome breaking under pressure and looking anything but professional!


An advantage of the acrylic domes is that they can be used for application outdoors, withstanding extreme weather conditions. Other plastic domes or glass display domes will look less effective if placed outdoors because they don’t have the same level of protection to offer once installed outside.


Are you looking for a Perspex dome that is affordable?

You can count on Talbot Designs to supply you with products that are low cost but provide you with exceptional value. Despite the acrylic dome looking expensive and sophisticated, you don’t need to pay over the odds for it.


“Only limited by imagination”.

This is a phrase used by the team of experts at Talbot Designs that encourages you to express your creative side. For the team at Talbot Designs, they consider no project to be too big or too small, needless to say, that they have the skill and expertise to design a clear acrylic dome or Perspex dome, that meet all of your needs.


Renowned for their fine quality, acrylic domes are iconic and can be adapted to suit your personal requirements. With this in mind, they never compromise quality. If you need an acrylic plastic dome that’s extremely valuable and unique to your needs, Talbot Designs will be able to tailor the dome to suit the application it’s required for.

Using their computer-controlled vacuum forming machine, Talbot Designs will create something suitable for you!

But if you’re struggling for inspiration, here are some examples of the work that Talbot Designs have produced, including the London Zoo donation dome, Alton Towers printed dish, and the Topshop window front display.

For acrylic domes, consider Talbot Designs today!