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Accessory Ideas for Your Harley Davidson

Accessory Ideas for Your HarleyDavidson

One of the best parts of owning a Harley is all of the aftermarket customizations that you get to add. The manufacturer makes it quite easy for bike owners to do this by having a large number of options available. It doesn’t matter what change you want to make, you are sure to find the corresponding accessories that you can use. As long as it is legal and accepted in the area that you are riding in, you should not encounter any problems. Here are some ideas:

Accessory Ideas for Your Harley Davidson

Foot Pegs and Floor Board Options

Now, you may think that nobody will actually notice your footpegs or floorboards so why bother changing them? Actually, most people will glance down and take note of what you have got going on there. If you are looking to leave a lasting impression, there are certainly a lot of options to choose from with Harley-Davidson motorcycles. In fact, you really will be spoilt for choice if you are looking to spruce up these parts.

What’s more, because they are so easy to swap out, you can change them according to the occasion. Of course, more important than design is the fact that you are comfortable. Choosing the right footpegs and floorboards could make your journey infinitely more comfortable as well. Therefore, you can experience two benefits for the price of one.

Air Cleaners

You may be wondering how this can be an accessory when it is an important part of the bike. Well, it is a bit of both. If you are looking to boost the power on your Harley, swapping out the air cleaner can be one of the best decisions that you make. The actual level of replacement, however, is entirely up to you. If you don’t want to make too much of an adjustment, substituting the interior air cleaner element with a different one is your best bet.

This is also a good strategy if you just like the way that the air cleaner housing looks. If you are looking for a bigger impact, then you can try substituting the full air cleaner assembly. This means the housing as well as the interior. Here, you get more choice with the appearance of the air cleaners, adding aesthetic appeal to the bike. Not to mention, there’s more power to play around with as well.

Handlebar Grips

It is quite common for most people to make this change as soon as the ink on their ownership contract has dried. This is because the grip is detrimental to your level of comfort while riding. It is especially important to do if you have gotten yourself a second-hand bike. The pair that came with the bike may be worn away, making it more awkward while riding. One of the perks of grip replacement is that they are actually quite cheap, which means they really aren’t much of an investment. Also, there is easy to swap out, making it a quick task for anyone to handle.

The above options are some of the easiest ways to upgrade your Harley. Choose any one and you are sure to notice a difference in comfort and performance.