Gothic Women

Apart from the gothic outfits, what further accentuates the gothic-ness in one is the usage of Gothic accessories, or the presence of some typical Gothic Symbols at home.

While the Gothic fashion was highly popularised in the 1990s, the way they presented and carried themselves is greatly admirable. They were fearlessly presentable and people actually ended up talking of their styles. There were certain accessories that most gothic women and girls owned which made them look like the part of a team.  

In time of Gothic archetypes, there was this simple-styled Goths wearing a black outfit, fishnet stocking, pale base makeup, dark eyes, red or black lips, black nails, boots. The outfits were accentuated with totem symbols, bags and others gothic things. The styles were not the usual, yet the Goths carry themselves so confidently that many often feel jealous.

Totally owning a style and not caring a bit about what anyone might think is what being COOL is all about. Here are a list of signature Gothic accessories that you may as well want to try.

Black Lipstick

Black lipstick will always be synonymous of Gothic aesthetics. It is an immediate way to show that world that you neither belong to nor want to fit into the traditional feminine gender stereotypes. You can showcase the world the colour you believe in.

Big black boots

The rule of the Gothic boots? More the buckles, the better. The stompier, taller, embellished or maybe even studded boots have always been the best.

Fake piercings

The young Goths may have had strict parent who did not allow their children to get their faces pierced. This led to the introduction of fake piercings in the 90s.

gothic accessories

Novelty creepers

If boots aren’t your thing, you can try wearing novelty creepers. Boots may be unsuitable to wear during the summers, and thus the goth girls switched to the novelty creepers, and were seen in these quite often. Some of the novelty creepers also had additional pinstripes and zipper details.

Black Nail Polish, but a chipped one

Black nail polish has always been a must-have item for the goths, be it 1990s or the present era. But the nails are often found to be horrendously chipped…why so? Because the girls have better things to spend time upon, like trying to make voodoo dolls, or trying to connect to the other world.

Novelty Goth-themed bag

A coffin-shaped or a skull-shaped novelty bag or may be webbed-spider printed coin purses? Goth girls would love to flaunt bags of these designs.

Barbed Wire Bracelets

A street or punk-styled wire bracelets, studded, engraved or embellished in black coloured rubber strips or beads, is so Gothic to look.

Ripped Tights

We all know about ripped jeans making sensations, but ripped tights, are those even something? Oh absolutely. Ripped or torn tights are something that our mothers would never allow us to wear, and that makes those all the way sexier!

Fishnet or lacy fingerless gloves

A bit funereally and a lot more Gothic, these lacy beauties were ideal for the black lacy outfits and hats worn by the Victorian Goths.

A Studded Choker

For the teens and tweens, a studded choker reflected the angst in them.

A Cross Necklace

Single, double or multiple-layered cross symbol is no doubt the best gothic symbol. Worn as a pendant, this was also worn by many to keep the mystical beings and evil powers at bay.

A Crystal Pendant

A crystal pendant, the trend followed by the Goths, is worn today by many. It is a super cool Goth way to add occult vibes to one’s outfits and let all the people around her left wondering if she’s into wizardry and witchcraft.

gothic candle holders

The Velvet Pouch

The velvet pouch is probably the most desired accessory for the Goth girls. The small pouches, just the right size to carry money to schools or colleges or when you are out, may look creepy enough to let people think a lot about your Gothic practices. Styling or home décor Gothic pieces like gothic candle holders, tabletops, boxes and so on are easily available on Jordash Clothing. Browse to find the best choices for you and your house.

I hope it’s a good read!

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