Know Everything About The International Youth Day

International Youth Day

International Youth Day is a holiday created by the United Nations and celebrated on August 12th annually since 2000. On this day, people are supposed to recognize the importance and the hard work of the youth of the world and how they have made a difference to society. It is also a day to promote ways to engage the young people of the world and help them to contribute even more to their communities and society in general.

International Youth Day was organized by the United Nations and began in 2000 to celebrate the contribution that young people make in achievements, employment, education, conflict resolution, and social justice to name a few.

Event and Activities

Many events and activities that take place around the globe on International Youth Day promote the perks that young people bring around the globe. Many countries participate in this event, which may include some youth conferences on issues such as employment and education. Other events include various sporting events, as well as concerts promoting the world’s youth, mobile exhibitions, and parades that showcase the achievements of young people.

Before there was a Youth Day, there was an International Youth Year that was created in 1985. Ten years later, some guidelines and rules were established to help people all over the world work together to improve the lives of young people. The 15 areas that were designated a priority, as far as youth is concerned, is Education, Employment, Poverty, Health, The Environment, Delinquency, Drug Abuse, HIV and AIDS, Girls and young women, globalization, Participation, Intergenerational relations, communication technologies and youth conflict, and leisure time activities.

In 1999, International Youth Day was created as a tool to accomplish and further these aims. This day, which was created by United Nations Resolution 54/120 is a day for people to keep in mind these aims and do what they can for the youth of the world. It is also a call to government agencies, charities, and other organizations all over the world, to do what they can to improve the lives of the young people of the world.

International Youth Day Customs & Traditions

Every year, the theme for international youth day is decided by the United Nations. These themes of international youth day allow participants to focus their events on a particular area of need among the world’s youth. Events and activities occur all over the world on International Youth Day. These events usually include concerts, parades, fairs, festivals, exhibitions, and even sporting events.

Some people like to celebrate the day according to the theme chosen by the United Nations. Since it is an observance day and not a public holiday, in most countries government buildings, banks and businesses are not normally closed on International Youth Day.

On the day, there will be major media campaigns on TV, internet, radio, and other venues to encourage and empower youth to take more control over the issues that have the biggest impacts on their lives. There will also be numerous public performances, youth conferences, and other events held for Youth Day in numerous countries, to encourage the youth of our country.