If we take a look at our surroundings everyone knows about the word “FASHION”. Fashion means in our society, a trendy look which followed by most of the people. Fashion has become a hot topic among people. Fashion will change time after time. Everybody follows fashion and it is a big industry. If we spell the fashion industry then it seems like a small word but in the real world, this fashion industry is very gigantic.

People are so keen on their clothes, footwear, accessories, and their looks. They want everything according to fashion and updated.

Every year the fashion industry organizes fashion shows in most parts of the countries where top class people and celebrities from fashion industries get an invitation. These shows are held mostly in the US, France, Italy, and the UK. The Whole fashion industry and media got crazy for it when these fashion shows are held there.

On the other side, social fashion bloggers also get heavy traffic during this time. Because of the internet, it is very convenient for everyone to follow what is trendy these days.

In this globalized era, how can boys keep their selves behind anyone when it is about fashion. Now there are uncountable fashion designers, who are working on boys fashion to give them a trendy look.

As we all know that all these trends of fashion come from Europe but now the Pakistani fashion industry is not far from this race. For the past few decades, the Pakistani industry is trying to knock down the other industries, as it is a growing industry so definitely it will take some time to rise.

The fashion industry of Pakistan also exhibits its piece of work every year abroad to promote their culture in the whole world. However, few of the designers from the Pakistan fashion industry have designed for Hollywood celebrities. Ali Zeeshan a Pakistani fashion designer known as the fashion tycoon also designed a dress for Hollywood singer Rihana.

People have become brand conscious in the last few years. People from the elite class can afford a branded dress but now it seems easy for middle and lower class people to follow the trend not by wearing the original trendy dress but by wearing the replicas. We can find these replicas everywhere and over the internet too.

The fashion industry has a great scope to start a career. If we look in our past years, people had no career in the fashion industry. Only the models and photographers considered as the employee of the fashion industry. The career of a photographer was very common because clicking photos was easy to work, according to people.

Now things have changed a lot and universities are providing education related to fashion, which is a great step to omit unemployment to people. This industry is a respected industry according to everyone.  People allowing their kids to gain education related to this field of study which a positive sign towards this field. This field is full of education and now only educated designers are stepping forward to start their career in this field. It is very difficult for those designers to survive in this industry who have a lack of fashion knowledge because now it is not as easy as it was in the past.

In addition, social sites are also playing a key role to promote the fashion industry among people; this is the first choice of people from where they can find the latest fashion trend. People are doing online business over social media through which people got more awareness about it and they can order their desired outfit or anything throughout the world from the fastest and advanced logistics service.

Fashion designers are now designing uniforms for the sports and government officials too because their uniforms will represent the country that is why it outclasses and eye-catching for the audience.

In the fashion industry, people are giving value to the designers of jewelry too. Some of the emerging designers are designing handmade jewelry and gaining positive responses from their followers. Celebrities are also giving preference to their jewelry because its work is unique for them and no other can find it easily in the local market.

If we speak about shoes then Italy is the country where we can find the finest quality of shoes. Italy is famous for its trendy footwear. If you want to buy a pair of leather shoes then Italy will never be the wrong choice for anyone. There are so many leading brands of Italy which are known for their quality of the product which they sell. These brands will never let you down in terms of money and quality as compared to the other countries’ brands.

The fashion industry is an industry, which will never end; it will grow more and more every day with the involvement of social media.

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