A Guide to Boots for Men

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of mens boots hopefully you have some time on your hands because there are a lot of options to choose from. There’s also not one single classic men’s boot anymore, it all comes down to style and personal favorites.

Wingtip Boot

Wingtip boots are distinguishable because of their pointed toe cap that extends down both sides of the shoe. Some say the shape looks like a pair of wings, hence the name. The toe cap portion is usually decorated with stitching and patterned cutouts, and is sometimes a different color than the rest of the shoe.

Captoe Dress Boot

Unlike the wingtip, a captoe boot isn’t known for a particular style or decoration, it’s the way the boot is actually put together. It has horizontal stitching that sits right across the toe portion of the boot, making it look like it’s two separate pieces that were sewn together.

Ankle Boot

That’s right, ankle boots are not just for women. Men’s ankle boots are generally dark brown or black and they have a strap that comes across the ankle. They’re a great accompaniment for the perfect pair of jeans.

Work Boot

You don’t have to work in a barn to appreciate a high-quality work boot. In fact, everyone should probably have one pair of high-quality solid work boots that can take a beating but still be ready to work again the next day.  

Cowboy Boot

If there were a classic men’s boot, the cowboy boot would probably be it. There’s an incredible amount of variety in cowboy boots. They can come in almost any color you can think of and they can be simple or incredibly ornate. Almost all of them boast a pointed toe and come up to the middle of the calf.  

Hiking Boot

The classic standby. Fancier versions of hiking boots can also be called Alpine boots. These are sturdy shoes that don’t allow for a lot of extra movement. Their goal is to keep your foot secure while you’re climbing up mountains and scrambling over boulders.

You can check these best mens boots and see what suits you.