The pip photo editor app is a fun app. It gives a new way to edit your photos. It also provides a frame features. You can select any frame which can fit your photo. It looks attractive and unique when you fit your photo in such themes. The themes offered by Pip Editor include glass, wall painting, locket, camera, etc.

Your photo looks more creative and wonderful with these themes. By using the pip camera you can click a picture directly to edit it. The picture really looks awesome and the clarity of the camera will be enhanced to give a clear and natural photo. The images taken by the pip camera look very natural and real.

PIP Photo Editor

You can also take selfies with Pip Editor Application. Pip camera selfie will be clear and beautiful. For editing that selfie you don’t have to import it. You can directly edit it with the same application. You can add different colors and effects to your photo. The original image can also be saved directly to the gallery. Or the image you want to edit can be imported from the gallery.

The pip photo editor app is an advanced way to create magic on your photos.
If you want to add different colors and effects to your picture then you can use its filter mode. It offers numerous latest filters and they all are amazing to try. This app is the best photo editing app you can download from any store. The good news is, the app can be downloaded for free.

Features of pip photo editor:-

  • 1. Pip editor app has a number of new filters and you can also adjust these filters from the setting.
  • 2. Pip camera app can add a filter in two ways; you can add a filter to all photos at once, or you can add a filter to the single one which photo you want to make look different from other.
  • 3. Pip photo editor has different frames to add your picture to it. But sometimes if you want any new frame to add with it, you don’t have to worry about it. You can download the updates and enjoy the all different frames.
  • 4. Pip camera has more than 100+ backgrounds to choose from.
  • 5. This app has beautiful blur background images. The background becomes blur automatically. And you can add different photos of your choice to the background. And you can different add the image in the foreground.
  • 6. It has more than 40+ frames of collage photos.
  • 7. You can add new text, clip arts, emojis to add fun to your photos can create new funny photos of you and your friends. Pip has the new emojis; you can add the new emojis to your photos to create funny pics.
  • 8. Pip camera app contains 100+ photo editing effects.
  • 9. You can update the collage library to get a new and unique collage. You can add different effects to a particular photo.
  • 10. You can share the edited photos directly to social media like; twitter, Instagram, Facebook. It is very easy to share your photo.


Pip camera editor is the best pip photo editor app this app can run smoothly. It can be downloaded for free from the play store for Android. The new features of the pip camera app are fascinating. It is full of a fun app. Once you use this app you will definitely get addicted to this app. This app is supported in android as well as Windows platforms. The best pip photo editor app is very easy to use.

The frames are creative and they can be updated. Users like this app as it has such unique features. They are consistently adding new features to the app to make it better for you. This app can get positive reviews from people using it. You can also give it a try.

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